According To You, Apple’s Smartphones Are More Reliable Than Samsung’s

According To You, Apple’s Smartphones Are More Reliable Than Samsung’s

There’s no shortage of photos of iPhones with cracked glass, so you might assume the device is the delicate flower of the smartphone world. Not according to troubleshooting site FixYa, which, using its database of support request as a data source, has determined it’s actually the most reliable.

As VentureBeat’s John Koetsier details, FixYa combed through 720,000 requests — a decent sample size if there ever was one — and matched this data to market share using StatCounter as a source.

Based on these statistics, Apple came in first, with 74,163 issues and a market share of 26 per cent, while Samsung came in second, with 187,520 issues and 23 per cent market share. Nokia and Motorola also make an appearance — their stats can be found here.

FixYa went to the trouble of tallying the types of problems for each manufacturer. At 35 per cent, battery life is the number one issue for Apple, with “a lack of new features” coming second at 20 per cent — though I’m not sure if you could classify that as support-related.

For Samsung, it’s all about the audio, with a massive 40 per cent having problems with microphones, while the next highest is “speaker issues” at 20 per cent.

Motorola’s thorn is preinstalled apps and the touchscreen, while Nokia seems to have trouble with system lag and a poor selection of apps — again, not really a support issue.

So, no phone is perfect, but according to the masses, Apple’s is the closest… as long as the battery doesn’t die on you at an inopportune time.