A Facebook Bug Pretty Much Just Took Down The Entire Internet

If you thought the internet freaked out for a little bit and every site you went to was down, you're not alone. Major websites were down: CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN, Gawker, The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, etc. were all broken. Why? Because of a glitch with Facebook.

Developers at Gawker said that the glitch started with Facebook Connect, basically anywhere a 'Like' button was loaded the website was borked. The bug would redirect any site to Facebook and bring up an error page. Logging out of Facebook was the only way to solve the problem (since Facebook's Like button is everywhere). Luckily, Facebook caught wind of the problem and has fixed the issue.

A little bit scary to think that one measly Like button can destroy the entire internet, isn't it?



    Wondered about that.
    It was happening with SMH.
    It is a bit scary though to think what one small thing can do to the whole internet.

      All the more reason to disolve your Facebook account. No Facebork, no problems

      That's right guys you heard it here first, a like button DESTROYED THE WHOLE INTERNET!

        Like kim dot com and his destroy the Internet button. That's why the fbi never found it facebook had it all along.

      And its a bit scary that the error isn't handled, and the redirect blocked by hosting sites.

    Facebook was always going to own the internet eventually...

    Now, clever hacker, all you need to do is hijack that link, and you've got control of, well, everything...

    Suddenly, evidence that CDNs are dangerous. A too-centralised internet is a fragile internet.

      As a counter point to that, it also meant that FB fixed it once, in one place, and everything was fixed.

    Seems like a pretty strange definition of "the entire internet" considering I've been browsing fine and only was aware anything happened cause I saw this news post. But yes, it does seem a bit ridiculous that the like button could mess a whole lot of stuff up.

      LOL yeah, out of the 100 websites i've been to since this happend not a single one is having issues, hate morons that think facebook is the be-all and end-all of the internet.

        Further to that I haven't even noticed a problem on FB itself, which is kind of funny too.

    Everything seems to be working fine for me.

    I avoid any sites where I'm expected to link or log in with my Facebook account though, as that shit is terrifying.

      Same here, my life changed for the better when I discovered the Adblock plugin, now there are no annoying Ads or Facebooks widgets slowing down my web page loading or cluttering up the screen

    well at least no one typed google into google... i have it on good authority that can break the internet...

    Easiest solution was to log out of Facebook. Took me a while to work out what was happening though.


    Aaaaaaaaaaaand you're welcome. No more widget bullshit, no more crashed sites.

    I would like to know exactly what percentage of people who are online are really logged into facebook? I think the fact that logging out of facebook could fix this problem that occured on SOME websites makes this article a piece of sensationalist crap. "one measly like button can destroy the whole internet" you sir are a fool.

    What a complete crock of bulls**t.
    The authors (and some of the readers) obviously don't have any idea of how the net (or any net) works.
    They use FB, and think that 'is' the internet. I don't know anyone that was affected by this FB bug - either not using FB, or using the web/net other ways - rather than proxying via the FB apps or website.

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