80,000 Suckers Fired Off Tweets Celebrating LinkedIn Spam

80,000 Suckers Fired Off Tweets Celebrating LinkedIn Spam

Last week, on February 11, Alexandra Watson received a very exciting email in her inbox and promptly tweeted the news out to her 66,000 followers: Hurray, I am so super-duper popular on LinkedIn. My life now has meaning.

She’s not that special. Watson is one of 20 million people who received an email from LinkedIn this month informing them that they should be proud of their elite status amongst the top 1 per cent, 5 per cent or 10 per cent of LinkedIn profiles.

If LinkedIn spams you, that’s LinkedIn’s thing. The sad part, TechCrunch reports, is that @happinesscoach and hoards of other people tweeted more than 80,000 times about the news. Yes, that’s correct:

82,607 tweets were sent about LinkedIn popularity.

That means that either that many people tweeted about the LinkedIn spam, or that fewer people tweeted MULTIPLE TIMES which would be even sadder.

Why, oh, why, internet? Being one of 20 million shouldn’t make anybody feel very special. Even if it does, bragging about something as stupid as LinkedIn is the epitome of why LinkedIn is insufferable to people who aren’t middle managers trying to get poached into slightly higher paying middle management jobs. Sigh. [TechCrunch]