You Don't Have To Be Tony Stark To Build An Iron Man Gauntlet With Working Lasers

It's no surprise that people like to try and build things from Iron Man. Iron Man is awesome. We've seen a Reactor Ring that doubles as a ring box, but it doesn't actually generate any power. This home-made Iron Man gauntlet on the other hand, actually does do some real Iron Man stuff, like shoot lasers.

It's not quite as good as the real thing. It doesn't shoot rockets or anything, but it can actually pop balloons with it's dual-laser arsenal. Pop balloons and also definitely blind people.

It's pretty impressive all around, but the laser action happens around 2:40. A real-life Iron Man wouldn't be able to get too much done just going around and destryoing evil-doers' balloons, but it's a start right? Surely next on the list are the jet-boots. Powered by bottle rockets or something no doubt. Sign me up. [Reddit]

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