You Can't Buy Panasonic's 4K OLED TV

Sony is going to sell a giant immaculate 4K OLED TV someday to kings and robber barons and various queens. Now Panasonic says it's doing the exact same thing.

It's less than an inch thick, which is pretty amazing, albeit useless unless you're looking at your TV completely from the side. It looks lovely.

It's going to be too expensive for anyone to buy. It has no name. There's zero information about when it's going to come out, how much it will cost or anything else. Maybe it was but a dream. At least it doesn't come with an idiotic industrial frame.

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    Hey Giz. I'm noticing you are completely down on any gadget that is out of the reach of normal peoples wallets. Have you forgotten this is partly how innovation works? You need these high end concepts to drive the products of the future. Look at Mercedes and how the benefits of their concepts and innovations have changed cars for everyone, it just takes time to filter down.

      Yeah I'm also noticing a lot of fairly negative, limited vision reporting here. I just commented on similar negativity with regards to Panasonic's 20 inch tablet. Perhaps its just because Giz reporters are getting a little tired at CES but Giz readers may start to tire of this reporting style too. There's cheeky... and then there's snide.

      Cutting edge tech is generally always out of the price range of regular Jo unless they dont care about feeding his or her family.

      Get some sleep guys.

    "Robber barons"? don't you mean "Rubber barons"

    I'm noticing a severe lack of details too. Seriously some of these stories are 3 lines long.

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