You Can Have Ubuntu On Your Phone Next Year

2013 has just started, and already there's news out that's going to have some people waiting anxiously for next year. That's when Ubuntu Mobile OS will be released.

Rather than just have Ubuntu on your phone, Ubuntu Mobile OS works on a nifty docking principle. For example, when your phone is mobile, you'll have the full benefits of a smartphone, but when it's docked, Ubuntu mobile OS turns into the fully-fledged desktop OS we know and love.

Ubuntu Mobile OS will reportedly be build around Android to make life easier on everyone, and that makes sense to be honest. Android is great for mobile and Ubuntu is great for desktop. The two together in a docker's paradise sounds like a top combination.

Watch the keynote from Mark Shuttleworth to hear more about the new OS.

Are you keen on Ubuntu Mobile OS? [Lifehacker Australia]



    Considering Ubuntu on a Laptop is shocking for battery life I hope they have considered this for a phone port. Still, this could certainly lead to some neat open source stuff coming out for mobile devices.

    so just more bloatware for android? I thought this might be a legit 4th player.

      not really. android is Linux already so it is basically the same thing.

    If this works as stated, could be the future of computing.

    Will I be able easily remove unity from all of these interfaces?

    "...a search box that will find anything you want on the phone or online. Ubuntu will figure out for itself what you're looking for and where best to search ...Now this is an amazing online search and shopping experence"

    So, reading between the lines, all my local searches get sent to No thanks!
    I know Cannoinical have bills to pay, but selling off my local searches is not the way to go about it. My local searches are searches of my private files, and are therefore by definition private.

    BTW I'm typing this from a new Mint install. It could have been au Ubuntu install, but Ubuntu sending my local searches to Amazon by default left a really bad taste in my mouth.

      Ubuntu will figure out for ITSELF …
      However you can turn off Record Activity or even online search from settings. I personally can’t switch to another desktop after Unity. They’re all ugly.

    Sounds great but I predict the best we can expect from ubuntu mobile is that it will introduce some really innovative ideas before collapsing in a heap due to a lack of interrest from both users and devs. (Even MS, with it's deep pockets has found it a struggle to gain the market penetration that they have.)

    Then we will see some of these ideas picked up by the main smartphone OSes.

    I'd LIKE to see it succeed, I just don't hold much hope.
    But you never know.

    Would test it out, but I think I'm going to be trying to somehow turn the android system into a desktop experience. Its become much more stable and has an increasing developer support, but if this OS isn't ramped up and released this year, its going to be forgotten.
    Its best to avoid doing a BlackBerry promise. Promote yo' self now!

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