You Can Get The Nexus 4 On A 24-Month Optus Contract Plan...Sort Of

Nexus 4 devices are as rare as hen's teeth at the moment, and even if you find one you'll still have to pony up $500 or more for it, but what if you didn't have to? Good news, everyone! Soon you'll be able to get the Nexus 4 on a contract from Optus! You know...sort of.

Harvey Norman and LG have teamed up to offer the Nexus 4 exclusively in stores from 1 February, but the two revealed this morning that you can get the unicorn phone on contract if you're not a fan of dropping $500 on a phone.

You see Harvey Norman has a dealer agreement with Optus, which it will leverage to give you the Nexus 4 on a 24-month Optus contract. Interestingly, the only place you'll actually be able to do that is via Harvey Norman: Optus won't be offering the Nexus 4 through its own network of retail stores any time soon.

No word on pricing just yet, but one presumes the cost of the device would be divided over 24 months and tacked onto an Optus phone plan to keep everything neat and tidy.

Interestingly, when Google released the Nexus 4 in Australia, it specifically said that it had no interest in offering the device to carriers, simply because it's a massive pain rolling out software updates to the device when required. Case in point: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still waiting on an update to Jelly Bean.

Would you get a Nexus 4 on contract or buy it outright?



    I've bought it directly from Google last month. Total cost was $427 delivered to my door, for an unlocked phone. 30 minutes later I had it running on the Telstra network :). No issues whatsoever.

    I did take 4 weeks for Google to ship it though. Worth the wait.

      How? When did they appear on the Australian Google Play site again?

        I'm guessing he got it early December (first shipment). That's still last month. I missed it so I bought one from a guy on eBay in the USA for $508 and didn't like it (don't shoot me) so I sold it for $670. Yey for demand and no supply.

          His comment says he bought it last month, and you're quite right, that's December. But the phone was only available for purchase on Google Play AU during November.

    Like most Optus post paid plans, you can probably opt for a twelve month contract, of course that will generally make the monthly repayments higher.

      Of course it will, on a contract you're not just paying for the handset ($500/24 = $20.83) but also the call cap that you get with the contract and the fact that the carriers administration costs wont be for free either.

    Would prefer that google was a 'honest seller', if it has stock for the likes of harvey norman, has stock to remove the sold out notice on it's sales pages! The message implies that there will be more stock available 'soon'. I think not.

    The more I think about it, the to good to be true prices as advertised by google on its perpetually sold product page, is pretty much just another marketing gimmick.

      The article mentions this is an agreement between Harvey Norman and LG, nothing to do with Google. LG supplies the phones, so really if you want to get a bee in bonnet over Google not being an 'honest seller', you should be annoyed at LG for not supplying Google with more Nexus 4 handsets.

    so what kind of good deal plans are ppl getting if they have bought the phone outright? I mean prepaid is terrible here in oz, no?

      Vaya, TPG, Kogan there are heaps of them. I am on a $12 a month with LiveConnected (1.5GB and 550 worth of calls). Had no issues.

      Actually prepaid has really upped their game and is very good at the moment. You can even get a telstra prepaid with access to full 4g network for $30 a month.

      Sim-only plans. $10 a month at TPG nets you $180 credit, 250mb data & $2000 credit to other TPG phones. Personally i'm on $18 a month to get $550 credit and 1.5GB of data. There are plenty of other companies out there offering great sim-only plans too.

    So maybe i have it wrong but I have the galaxy nexus and I recieved the update to jellybean straight away! Do you mean that optus is not rolling out the update to contract holders?

      That means you weren't using the firmware from Sammy but the international firmware. I had to unlock the bootloader and reflash with a google image to get the quick updates google style.

    I believe they meant to say the Samsung Galaxy S3, as that has not got the jellybean update (i could be wrong) as my wife's galaxy nexus got the update the morning of.

    This is cause for more fragmentation, it makes me angry that even running on pure android they still have to do "tests" even though the device has no differences whatsoever.

    I couldnt handle a Harvey Norman skinned phone.

      LOL. I take it you're joking? It would be pretty funny if it came with a garish HarveyNorman skin, a live Gerry Harvey wallpaper, and the Harvey Norman tune as the default ringtone.

    These phones come from BrightPoint, Optus will not absorb charges for these phones, as it does not have a Optus processed IMEI Number, they cant be processed on plans.. (the IMEI will be denied on every plan bar a BYO phone plan) Though you will be able to buy it outright,

      You have no idea what you're talking about. Without going into details, you'll be able to sign up onto a plan with a brightpoint phone.

        so I was all ready to buy the Nexus 4 yesterday, I'd assumed I could connect to a Telstra 4G prepaid plan. Alas no the owner of my Maleny Telstra shop said Telstra are not allowing Nexus 4 access to their 4G network he also said I would not get coverage up here...? Any ideas? Is this true?

    this deal is on there website already, but says available from 1st of feb

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