You Can Get The Nexus 4 On A 24-Month Optus Contract Plan…Sort Of

You Can Get The Nexus 4 On A 24-Month Optus Contract Plan…Sort Of

Nexus 4 devices are as rare as hen’s teeth at the moment, and even if you find one you’ll still have to pony up $500 or more for it, but what if you didn’t have to? Good news, everyone! Soon you’ll be able to get the Nexus 4 on a contract from Optus! You know…sort of.

Harvey Norman and LG have teamed up to offer the Nexus 4 exclusively in stores from 1 February, but the two revealed this morning that you can get the unicorn phone on contract if you’re not a fan of dropping $500 on a phone.

You see Harvey Norman has a dealer agreement with Optus, which it will leverage to give you the Nexus 4 on a 24-month Optus contract. Interestingly, the only place you’ll actually be able to do that is via Harvey Norman: Optus won’t be offering the Nexus 4 through its own network of retail stores any time soon.

No word on pricing just yet, but one presumes the cost of the device would be divided over 24 months and tacked onto an Optus phone plan to keep everything neat and tidy.

Interestingly, when Google released the Nexus 4 in Australia, it specifically said that it had no interest in offering the device to carriers, simply because it’s a massive pain rolling out software updates to the device when required. Case in point: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is still waiting on an update to Jelly Bean.

Would you get a Nexus 4 on contract or buy it outright?