You Can Capture Images In SnapChat Without The Other Person Noticing

We knew that SnapChat security sucked, but not this much: there is a way to easily capture images sent through SnapChap with no technical know-how whatsoever. Just a couple of clicks and that nudie pic is yours to keep forever without the other person knowing about it.

Before there was a method that required multiple steps, a computer and some technical ping pong. But this is super easy, requiring only two actions on your own iPhone:

• Open the photo in SnapChat before it expires. • Take a screenshot by pressing the home and power buttons while keeping a finger on the screen. • Double tap the home button to bring up the application bar.

That's it. Now, if you get some boob shots, you will be able to treasure them forever. [Raj Vir via TechCrunch]



    It'd be simpler on most android devices, since there are less steps to do a screenshot.

      All you have to do to take a screen shot on the iphone is home button and lock button at the same time. I agree that it isn't as smooth as a single swipe, but most of the other steps above must have to do with keeping the other person from reciving some sort of notificaiton.

        Ah, the not letting on bit was what I missed, I don't know much about this snapchat biz apart from what I've read.

    I'd like to try this out... Can somebody send me some boobie shots please?

      How do you feel about manboobs?

    I thought this the first time I heard of Snap Chat, but just figured they would have disabled it or 2 lots of dumbass people just don't know how to use their phone that well :)

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