Would You Wear Rebook's Crazy New Shoes?

According to Reebok, these sneakers are the "the first all-terrain athletic shoe". They're supposed to echo the utility of an all-terrain vehicle, and take mud, snow, grass and sand in their stride. But let's not ignore the fact that they look completely and utterly weird.

In many ways they have all the trappings of a normal sneaker: padded tongue, supportive collar for ankle protection, nicely breathable upper and... oh my god look at those lugged soles.

These things seem to be designed to make the wearer look like a clown. Or a space explorer. Perhaps even an alien. They were certainly not designed to make you look normal. Which makes us wonder, would any of you consider wearing them? [Fast Co via Design Boom]


    it looks like it would feel like you were wearing cleats all the time...

    they dont look any stupider than those glove shoes I see people wearing at the gym

    Yeap would definitely love to try these out.

    I could imagine mud (or worse) filling up the valleys.

      Yeah but the space between the 'cleats' would make it WAY easier than cleaning dog shit out of your regular running shoes

    These are very similar to Oakley shoes I had about 10 years ago - but instead of the circles show, had Oakley logos as nodules all along the base. were nice shoes.

    Am I the only one to notice that the title is "Rebook" not "Rebok"

    I would totally try them but I would also be disappointed that the nubs on them aren't lots of tiny thrusters that allow me to hover.

      I was just thinking that, they look like little sci-fi hover pad things!

    I'd wear them, trust me after completing Tough Mudder a week ago, this is what I should've warn instead of those cursed Nike Free Runs +2!

    Look normal??? Huh? Like rolling and crawling around in the mud; carrying sand buckets; jumping over fire; and being electrocuted is normal??? Really?

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