Windows Phone Users Could Be Without Google Sync For Up To Six Months

New Windows Phone users will be left out in the cold after January 30 as newly connected Google accounts will no longer work through Exchange ActiveSync. Something we've known since last December, which caught Microsoft by "surprise". But fret not, Microsoft is scrambling to push out an update that will support Google's CardDAV and CalDAV system.

What's more surprising though is that Microsoft has apparently known this was coming since the middle of last year, says The Verge.

So what does this mean for anyone who starts using a Windows Phone after January 30? Well, you'll have a tough time syncing your Google Calendar and Contact details. For those of you who have it set up already, you should be in the clear as current users wont be affected by the change. (But don't think about wiping your phone and starting fresh, because that will put you in the dark.) Paid Google Apps users will also experience no problems whatsoever.

It's interesting that Google gave Microsoft a heads up given what's happened more recently between the two companies.

The catch here is that between possibly a slow developing team and an even more nightmarish carrier roll-out process, Microsoft is requesting a six-month extension on the ActiveSync expiration to make sure it's as smooth a transition as possible. The silver lining is that the first update for Windows Phone 8, "Portico", rolled out relatively fast, so the question is how far along are they on implementing the next update? [The Verge]



    Just makes me happier to of migrated to Funnily enough Google set up the "google" way on my iPhone had crappy connectivity and drained battery badly, so I always had that set to in exchange activesync wihch worked flawlessly.

      I'm tempted to move over to my standby account over this as my gmail on my iPhone is setup via active sync as well because i prefer it to imap etc. I just wish worked in Outlook 2010 without that POS outlook hotmail connector (if it did i probably would have switched ages ago).

        If your work has a home use program you can get Office 2013 for $15 now. Given hotmail doesn't exist anymore I'd presume it's more integrated, but I haven't set it up yet.

          Yeah outlook 2013 supports EAS, unfortunately our BizSpark expired the day before Office 2013 was released on MSDN, and so we don't have MSDN anymore nor are we part of the home use program, so im SOL, we would migrate from our hosted exchange server to for domains for our business email if we could use EAS with Outlook 2010, Office 365 isnt any cheaper than our current hosted exchange server.

            If you google around there is a hole that allows people with hotmail accounts to get Office HUP and the backup CD for $30, not sure how long it'll be open for though.

    I know a lot of people use google services, but why would you on an OS that integrates Outlook and other MS properties so seamlessly and effectively? Hell google mail is currently the only google service im using and its slow as hell regardless of the device I use it on..

    And im pretty sure your statement about "(But don’t think about wiping your phone and starting fresh, because that will put you in the dark.)" is also a bit misleading, as once you sync up all your contacts and accounts its all stored on your MS account. Atleast mine was when I migrated from WP7 to WP8 - maybe I manually did that (cant remember) but the option was there.

      "I know a lot of people use google services, but why would you on an OS that integrates Outlook and other MS properties so seamlessly and effectively? "

      Because most people probably don't want to change their email address based on the device they own. It doesn't make much sense to do so. If you own your own domain name then you have some flexibility to migrate between the providers, but if your email address ends in, then it's a pain to move to a MS address, and in the future you may not end up using a MS device again.

      Also many people own multiple devices. Their phone OS may not dictate their tablet or desktop computing OS of choice, where they may prefer to use Google services.

        That's why I use gmail, phone tablet and pc all use the one account.

    Still waiting on Portico, Telstra. Mush, mush!

      refresh my updater every day. Telstra needs to hurry up!

      Yeah Telstra is dragging their heals. I was told beginning of December a fix for the 161 character SMS = MMS issue was 3 weeks away. That's well and truly passed. Apparently yesterday it was to be approved but who knows with Telstra. My HD2 my Mum is using is about 2+ years behind its latest update as its the Telstra branded unit.

    Could this article be more of a scaremongering piece if it tried? Inflammatory bullshit like this - "New Windows Phone users will be left out in the cold after January 30" - doesn't do Gizmodo's journalistic credibility any good. It should be qualified by a a massive IF because, if you are like me and millions of others who don't use Google calendars or contacts, it doesn't matter in the slightest. Then, after you read more than half the article, you discover it doesn't even apply to all Google services users, either. It is appalling that Gizmodo would seek to mislead readers in this way.

    And what the hell is "Portico"? I just checked for updates but there are none available and I am running the OS my phone came with. AFAIK, WP8 updates are not carrier dependant, WP7 updates certainly weren't, so that's another misleading statement in the article. Very shoddy all round, Giz.

      WP8 updates are operator dependant. Plus WP7 updates were too. They have to be approved before MS was allowed to deploy the update. The NoDo update was slow here as well as the .5 update and I think it was a Telco in Spain waited 4-6months for one of them.

        I downloaded every WP7 update via Zune on my PC, never over the air. I could get it as soon as it was made available by MS for Australia. My telco was completely out of the loop. Now it looks like teh pathetic, useless new WP8 app won't serve updates, so maybe we will have to wait the telcos' pleasure but we definitely didn't ahve to with WP7.

          If you got your WP7 on a plan from your telco they weren't out of the loop. WP7 didn't support OTA updates, all updates were done through zune, and you would of been downloading the updates after your telco approved them through zune.

            So how would Zune on my PC know when to serve my Virigin phone an OS update? I can't see any way that it would know or care which telco I was with. I was getting WP7 updates weeks before others who were doing it OTA.

              There was no OTA, so you were getting it a hell of a lot earlier than anyone who was waiting for OTA...

                In that case what the hell are you on about? Was Virgin/Optus letting MS know when they could make updates available to every individual customer they have? That seems unlikely.

                  Nope, they approve the update, and then microsoft stage the rollout. Some users will have the update available on the first day, others might of had to wait up to a month from when the rollout began. Maybe look into how things have been done before getting worked up because you presumed they work differently.

      Wow, no idea how WP7 or WP8 updates work do you? Portico, ie, the latest version of WP8, has been sitting on the Nokia servers since December. It was first rolled out to US ATT customers, and it was only recently rolled out to unlocked international devices. Those of us with carrier phones have to wait for Nokia to build it, Microsoft to approve it, our carrier to modify it, and then Microsoft to approve it again before it has a slow rollout, meaning you could be chosen for update anywhere in a month period from when others start getting it.

      WP7 worked exactly the same way. The only OS that has no carrier interference is iOS.

        My WiFi only tablet has no carrier interference :-)

        That's because I don't care. I'm still using Combustion 2008, 3DS Max 2009 and Adobe CS4 because they continue to do everything I require of them. So far WP8 seems to be working perfectly well so I don't care if I never get an update for it. I certainly wouldn't go looking for one. OF course, having an HTC handset, it is entirely likely it came pre-shipped with Portico. Do you know what the build no. for it is?

          Not off the top of my head sorry, but the HTC's didn't come with portico pre shipped. Portico fixes battery issues, as well as allowing wifi connection while locked from memory. If you have an option to keep wifi alive under lock screen then you have portico.

            Battery issues? Like getting double the battery life of my Lumia800? But I do have the option to maintain a wi-fi connection under lock-screen which means, as predicted, that my phone shipped with it. I remember reading somewhere that HTC delayed the roll-out of the 8S so as to incorporate the update.

    So how does it work for Android users?

      Speaking of Android, my mum was trying to set up hotmail and yahoomail on an android phone last weekend as she broke her windows phone. Something pretty easy on both windows phone and ios, you choose new mail setup, pick the service, and they do all the legwork for you. All the user needs to know is their username and password.

      Android? You had the option to set up a google account, or set up a custom account. No wizards for anything except google. So much for "do no evil" and google being less restrictive than iOS or WP. What general user is going to be able to work out exchange settings? I had to come around and set it up.

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