Windows Phone 8 Has The Funniest Error Ever

A Windows Phone 8 error that asks you to put in your Windows installation disc and restart the computer. It sounds too funny to be true, right? Apparently it's not. According to some digging by WMPoweruser, it's rare, but real.

Initially, the humorous error made two appearances on Twitter, by Mikko Hypponen and Johnny Ruokokoski. And the pair of instances seemed to imply that this wasn't just a joke.

But if that's not enough for you, Windows Phone Support got involved, basically confirming (or at least not denying) this as a real error. It's just not one that normal users should ever see. Instead, it's a rather deep-seated error that can only be teased out if you start messing with flashing new firmware. If you were looking for proof that Windows Phone 8 is actually on the NT kernel, this stands as pretty good proof, WMPoweruser points out. That, and it's funny. [WMPoweruser via The Next Web]



    Now if only this happened while bill gates was showing this phone at a live presentation.. *cough* windows 98 bsod *cough*

    That happens on everything windows, was only a matter of time for it to pop up in WP8

      I've never seen it in my life - that's 17 years of using Windows. This would be a result of corrupted memory or a failed controller, not a software problem.

        Then you are a unique flower aren't you. This error is right up there with a classic BSOD. Most commonly sen when updating drivers, installing Windows patches and the occasional time you change a video card/network card/RAM stick etc. Obviously all of which you didn't do in your "17 years of using Windows".

          oh, MotorMouth is the uniquest flower of them all.

        This is fairly common, doesn't take much to reproduce. It is just impressive on a phone.

    This is just proof of how badly Microsoft butchers together a new operating system.

      Really? Code reuse is the sign of an efficient programmer. Can lead to the issue in the article, but saves time and money...

        Not always. Depends if was good code to begin with. And if its glued together badly then you get bugs. Like this one.

          They even said that this is from messing with the firmware, not an error a user would normally get.

          How is this not good code to begin with? I've seen it before on my PC when it f*cked up. Perfectly valid to be shown that screen.

          As I said, reuse good. *CAN* lead to issues like this. It's not exactly an error screwing users around either, it was, as the article states, a result of screwing around with the phone's firmware.

      It also proves beyond doubt that WP8 uses the NT kernel. That is quite amazing, because it feels exactly like WP7 did, which used the WindowsCE kernel.

      Yeah, 'cos iOS, Android, Symbian, etc. etc. never crash or suffer kernel panics, do they...


          If no then the term 'kernel panic' must only apply from corn farmers in QLD before the hail storms hit. Wool, eyes, you.

    I want this error as my lock screen :)

    So ahhh... what? If you f*ck around in android's or ios's boot sectore, you'd get some random error.
    F*ck around with wp7 'zOMG WE KNEW IT WOULD HAPPEN SINCE ITS WINDOWS111111'

    I'd say slow news week, buts its been CES, damnit!

      There are spelling mistakes in the google bootloader (which are still there currently with 3 button reset)

    Microsoft are so awesome these days. It's like they're a parody of themselves, but mean to be.

    I want to know where I should insert the Windows Installation Disk in my phone...

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