Windows 8 Upgrades Get Way More Expensive After February 1

Have you upgraded to Windows 8 yet? Well, if you've been holding off, you should grab your licence now, even if you're going to hold off on installing for a little bit longer.

Microsoft announced on its blog today that its low prices for Windows 8 will end on January 31, and after that you'll need to pay full retail price. Here are the updated prices:

Windows 8 upgrade editions will be priced as follows starting in February:

The Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $US199.99 MSRP (U.S.).

The Windows 8 upgrade edition will be available online and at retail for $US119.99 MSRP (U.S.).

The Windows 8 Pro Pack will cost $US99.99 MSRP (U.S.).

The Windows 8 Media centre Pack will cost $US9.99 MSRP (U.S.).

For reference, you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $40 in Australia right now. Microsoft also reminded us that the last day to apply for the $15 upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7 if you bought a Windows 7 PC just before Windows 8 came out is February 28. [Microsoft via VentureBeat]



    Thank you so much for pointing this out. Saved me 160 beans.

    EDIT: No. In fact I just wasted 40 beans. On Windows 8. Holy shit, it's terrible.

    Last edited 19/01/13 11:23 pm

      Really? How bad? Not worth even this price?

        Well, I guess it's worth it when you consider that you'll probably wind up upgrading to it at some point regardless of its (many) shortcomings. Maybe just pay the $40 now and download it but don't install it on your PC just yet. And definitely don't just go ahead and install it on your main PC before testing it out on a different one (or just on a virtual instance to get an idea of it). My thinking is that it's better to pay $40 now and maybe use it than getting to the point where you're shelling out $200 for it (because it's seriously not worth more than $40 anyway).

        Windows 8 is hands down the best OS ever created. The only gripe that people can logically have about it's lack of a start bar. However, once you get used to the new 'metro' interface you will recognize as a huge improvement.

        Whats good about it?
        Firstly the speed boost, 16~% across the board - except for GPU which breaks even with W7, but since drivers haven't been developed for W8, this will obviously get better as time goes on.

        After that, you have the syncing. I use my laptop, work PC and home desktop all running W8. All my documents are synced, my settings and even my search history (courtesy of Chrome and my Google account). I would run out of superlatives if I was to try to explain how convenient and useful this is.

        Finally; the apps. Let me start off by saying that I hated them (in fact, v1.0 of the apps pretty much all sucked), but after updates, fine tuning, and a bit of experimentation I have grown to love them and use the apps on a daily basis. Needless to say, the info on them Syncs across all my W8 devices, so I never worry about trying to remember something I did at work or that I was shown on my laptop while in the park.

        I cannot stress how good W8 is, and while it takes a little time to get used to, if you have an open mind and are willing to improve your workflow you will grow to love it as I have.

          Couldn't agree more love Windows 8. Anyone who hates it is just computer illiterate. turned my 4 year old toshiba A200 with a start time of 1:28 to a speedfreak at like 12 seconds :-p. The only BAD factor i'm noticing which you mentioned are the apps. Alot work way more efficiently but lack some basic functionalities. Adobe Reader for instance can't print, Ebay doesn't show your message pane, Skype sometimes doesn't let you answer calls outside the app and can't transfer photos. Hopefully updates will fix it. As for it being touchscreen optimized or whatever. If you don't know how to use the arrows or a mouse you are an idiot.

      What don't you like about it?

      Last edited 21/01/13 11:43 am

        The lack of start menu and the bizarre segmentation of the UI. I'll probably get over these things, but I was (still am) one of those people who lived by the windows key (you know, hit the windows key then type the name of the app you want to use, hit enter and then voila: it's open).

          But that's exactly what you do in Windows 8. Hit the windows key, start typing the name and then hit enter. Just instead of the start menu opening you get a different start menu. The segmentation of the UI is a little weird but I don't think the old start menu is a loss.

          The start screen is pretty much just a full screen start menu. I prefer it to the start menu for a few reasons.
          A) Live tiles. Useless if you don't use any metro apps, but it comes in rather handy for quickly checking if I have new emails, stuff like that.
          B) Bigger. Those buttons on the start menu are tiny (for me). It's a lot quicker to open stuff with the mouse if you don't have to be as accurate when aiming at the buttons. You just have to throw your mouse in the general direction of the icon you're after then click (okay, not really :P)
          C) App/shortcut grouping. I've got all my shortcuts categorised into labelled groups, which makes it a lot easier to find what I'm after.

          You can still launch programs by typing their name in the start screen and pressing enter, just like in Windows 7. The results are categorised though into Apps, Settings and Files. Apps is what it shows by default. You can go straight into searching settings by pressing Winkey+W.
          Also, if you right click on the start button/hot corner (bottom right corner), you'll get a menu that has a bunch of shortcuts to different settings, like device manager, event viewer, programs and features, command prompt, etc. Rather useful.

          The only times I interact with the Metro UI are when I want to open a metro app (like OneNote, which I prefer to use over the desktop version because it's more distraction free) or check my emails, when I'm shutting down the computer, or when I set up multiple monitors. It's a lot quicker/simpler that way. (I do that rather often because my brother likes to take my second monitor to hook the Xbox 360 up to :P) Other than that, I never have to touch it.

          EDIT: I also changed the default programs for launching photos back to windows photo viewer. Having it open in the Photo app is silly.

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            I deleted that photo app. Kept showing my porn collection on the start screen which was definitely awkward in public...

          That behaviour still occurs in Windows 8, numbnuts.

          Although it's still a dreadful OS.

    Here's a better idea. Skip out on the upgrade altogether, as it will save you having to buy a copy of Windows 7 later when you get sick of Windows 8.

    its pretty bad ! i got mine for free (work part time in retail sales so i get free training and software)

    Im not one of those people thats resistant to change, i like change... if its good. I think they tried too hard to use windows 8 as a way to push their tablet OS or they tried too hard to intergrate the two and failed.

    The Whole double UI is so impractical and is inefficient. They split so many options up as well - i had to change my region because the windows store was loading in pounds. Spent about 20 mins looking for the right options in the settings menu (in the modern/metro UI) after that i just checked google and was told i had to go through desktop to control panel to change it.

    Really disappointed with windows 8

      Having the Double UI is definitely something you need to get used to. And is a downside.

      The upside i noticed, its bucketloads faster in getting into windows than windows 7 (and that was pretty quick), and general usage seems to be faster.
      Since i have dual screen and majority of the my icons on the desktop, i'm hardly going into the "start screen" at all. So all in all, while not as intuitive as previous windows, its not a complete pig.

      Still light years ahead of my mac for usability! OS/X is just a pig!

    I have a lap top with a touch screen and windows 8 on it. It's fine for that. I've had no problems at all. I installed a start button though.

    However people I know with laptops with out touchscreens with it don't like it. Even I jumping on them found it to install start buttons found it annoying.

    Even though I don't mind it on my laptop, as a desktop I can see it'd suck. Even with a desktop touch screen, as the distance would make it awkward. Just reach out and imagine you were swiping and constantly touching your monitor. Wouldn't be comfortable.

      Nah, it sucking (or not) on the desktop is mostly opinion.
      I've been using it as my main OS on my (non-touchscreen) desktop for almost a year now. Been using it for all sorts of things such as content consumption (web browsing, game playing, etc) to things like photo editing, game programming. I personally rather like it, you just got to know how to treat it. The start screen is nothing more than a big, more powerful and easier to navigate start menu.


        I got the laptop with it to play around. I pre-ordered a leap motion ages ago. Once that arrives I may upgrade my PC. See how it goes. My computer's only a few months old, so it was just on the cusp. I think it had a free upgrade to windows 8....

    I have gotten used to using Windows 8 now. That is not to say that the OS has increased my productivity at all, search is a little faster than Windows 7 at least. Not using any of the Modern UI apps, cannot find any that benefit me more than using traditional Windows applications.

    Got myself a couple of $15 upgrade copies :)

    I don't understand why they'd do that.

    I swear it's like some companies never learn.

    Ah Windows 7 you're like XP, and Windows 8 is the new Vista. For me anyway.

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