Will The Walking Dead Have To Contend With A Zombieland TV Series?

The Walking Dead has been a screaming success for US cable channel AMC, so someone was going to notice eventually and try to cook up a zombie serial with their own macabre flavours. But why stuff around with ingredients when there's a certified fresh recipe waiting to go in the form of 2009's Zombieland?

An article over on Deadline reports that Sony Pictures and Amazon and chatting about a possible Zombieland TV show with the movie's writers, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, acting as showrunners. If the news sounds a little familiar, don't worry, you're not having a stroke — a similar deal was being considered by Fox about a year ago, but apparently fell through.

Upon reading the news, I felt my interest rising, until I realised there was little chance of getting the original cast on-board. The Deadline story also mentions it's being pitched as a "comedy" — while I'm sure they'd opt for a single camera, for some reason, I can't get the idea of a cheesy multi-camera setup out of my head.

Now that... that would be a disaster.


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