Will.i.am Foto.sosho Hands-On: Stupider Than The Name Implies

Will.i.am Foto.sosho Hands-On: Stupider Than The Name Implies

When we first brought you news of will.i.am’s latest iPhone case that turned it into a show-off “camera”, we said it was worse than the Black Eyed Peas could ever be. Now that we’ve actually seen it at CES, I now know it’s worse than that.

It’s called the foto.sosho, and it turns your iPhone 4’s or 4S’ 5-megapixel camera into a 14-megapixel shooter. Why only the iPhone 4 and 4S? Because the company producing the cases with will.i.am don’t have Lightning compatibility yet.

There are two different models now available, the traditional white model that we’ve all seen before as well as a new black edition that’s being dubbed as “Vintage”. All it really has over the other stupid case is a Bluetooth keyboard attachment to make sure you’re being as tacky as possible in the one device.

Once you’ve managed to take a photo with the camera case, you filter it and then upload it to your social networks. That sounds awfully familiar

The case itself is nightmarishly ugly and worst of all, the guy demoing it to us at CES 2013 assures us that “it’s meant to be worn” thanks to the bundled neck or shoulder straps. Not only is it an awful accessory, camera and phone case, it’s also a gaudy “fashion” item.

I was upset when Ed Hardy went bust because I couldn’t easily identify those with more money than sense out in public. Now with the foto.sosho, I can. If you’re wearing this, you’re an idiot.

Even if you don’t wear it, forking over the cash for it just isn’t advisable. The damn thing costs £329. That’s just over $500. If you really want a camera with a mobile operating system in it, spend an extra $99 and get the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is actually excellent.

Avoid the foto.sosho at all costs.