Will.i.am Foto.sosho Hands-On: Stupider Than The Name Implies

When we first brought you news of will.i.am's latest iPhone case that turned it into a show-off "camera", we said it was worse than the Black Eyed Peas could ever be. Now that we've actually seen it at CES, I now know it's worse than that.

It's called the foto.sosho, and it turns your iPhone 4's or 4S' 5-megapixel camera into a 14-megapixel shooter. Why only the iPhone 4 and 4S? Because the company producing the cases with will.i.am don't have Lightning compatibility yet.

There are two different models now available, the traditional white model that we've all seen before as well as a new black edition that's being dubbed as "Vintage". All it really has over the other stupid case is a Bluetooth keyboard attachment to make sure you're being as tacky as possible in the one device.

Once you've managed to take a photo with the camera case, you filter it and then upload it to your social networks. That sounds awfully familiar...

The case itself is nightmarishly ugly and worst of all, the guy demoing it to us at CES 2013 assures us that "it's meant to be worn" thanks to the bundled neck or shoulder straps. Not only is it an awful accessory, camera and phone case, it's also a gaudy "fashion" item.

I was upset when Ed Hardy went bust because I couldn't easily identify those with more money than sense out in public. Now with the foto.sosho, I can. If you're wearing this, you're an idiot.

Even if you don't wear it, forking over the cash for it just isn't advisable. The damn thing costs £329. That's just over $500. If you really want a camera with a mobile operating system in it, spend an extra $99 and get the Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is actually excellent.

Avoid the foto.sosho at all costs.



    EVERYTHING this guy (Will.I.Am) touches turns to (or starts out as, then remains) crap.

    Last edited 14/01/13 12:10 pm

      oooooor not, best thing anyone has ever done for the iphone's looks.

      It's true that BEP music has gone down hill the last few albums, but i blame that on the addition of fergie into the band. was awesome pre-fergie days.

      plus his car design is incredibly awesome, as well as the fact that his factory and design floors are in the ghetto's/projects where he grew up to help create local jobs.

        his car design?

        you mean a DMC DELORIAN that has had a whole bunch of tacky fibreglass and LED sh*t added to it?

        Granted he does do good stuff for the community but his design talents are non existent

          Delorian! I wondered what the other half of that accident was. Looks like a Delorian crashed into an old Audi Quattro Group B rally car.

          +1 instantly saw the delorian maybe splashed with some 90s BWM

            I dont think you guys are getting what im saying here

            That car IS A DELORIAN

            as in its not the same body design

            the chassis, body and running gear are delorian...its just been will.i.tainted

        ...best thing anyone has ever done for the iphone's looks.

        According to Stevie Wonder.

        plus his car design is incredibly awesome

        According to Ray Charles.

        Last edited 14/01/13 1:54 pm

        ahahah his car design, that looks like crap, seriously. Whats up with the design? look at the front.

        Anybody that has a remote interest in cars, and has actual taste would know that this is one of the worst looking cars ever.

          it looks like a modernized delorian, one of the best looking cars in history.
          you people need you're eyes checked.

        From a comment on an article about his 'new car' being impounded - I thought it was amusing:

        I would not drive it here nor there.
        I would not drive it anywhere.
        I do not like New "DeLorean"
        I do not like it, Will.I.AM

    the fact that it only works with the iphone 4's gives this product a VERY short shelf life. If you have money to spend on crap like this then you're most likely the kind of person to buy the latest and greatest. Basically, their main demographic have already purchased an iphone 5

    Put a famous persons name on a piece of crap and watch the people come.

    Doubt it will work with this pile of nugget though.

    The Sad factor is whether this is flop or even bigger flop, Will i am will get paid nicely for it and consider himself a successful Entrepreneur that does nothing at all. To be on the polite side.

      I hate it when celebrities call themselves entrepreneurs. Usually their entrepreneurship boils down to some guy walking up to them with an idea (good or bad), and they endorse it. Then they think they are the bigger then Einstein...

    FFS Will.i.am annoys me. Have you ever watch one of his film clips. Its just an advertisement for all the crap products he promotes...

    Hideous and pointless. Hard to believe that anyone would be stupid enough to buy one.

    One of the many stupid thing about this, is that it would only work with their specific app, capable of connecting the external camera via bluetooth, so no using your other photo apps of choice. Plus if it saves each 14mp still to the iPhone's memory as you go via bluetooth rather than the dock connector (pretty sure there's no API for using that), you can expect quite a delay in-between shots (unless it has cache onboard the accessory and can save in the background or something?). In any case, (no pun intended) its a giant FAIL.

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