Why The Moon Landings Couldn't Have Been Faked

This video is so good, so incredibly brilliant, solid and simple, that you will want to paste it all over your Facebooks and Twitters just to piss off all the idiots who still claim that the moon landings were faked. The reason is simple: the technology to fake it didn't exist.

It's a very simple argument. It's not about showing how ignorant the hoaxers demonstrate to be with their idiotic "proofs", which actually show they don't know anything about physics, photography or even perspective. Or the fact that simple there's tons of physical proof that we were there. Or the fact that the Soviet Union was monitoring it too and accepted the American victory in the Space Race.

No, it's something even more obvious. This video explains why, even if someone wanted to fake it, nobody couldn't have been able to do it. There was absolutely no way to fake it at the time. Even the cameras needed to fake it didn't exist back then.

It's completely convincing and undeniable argument and worth watching from beginning to end. I enjoyed it so much that I was giggling at some points. Especially one of them: we have gone from a world in which we couldn't possibly fake a landing on the moon but we went there for real to a world in which we are no longer going to the moon but we can easily fake it.

OH. YOU. IRONY. [Thanks Karl!]

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    So what I saw at the time on our black & white tele was real after all. Splendid, just splendid!

    This video is fake.

      Yep it's a fake. I checked it on Snopes.

      Its fake because beanie technology was not advanced enough when it was shot.

    Interesting, but I don't think I've ever met anyone who believes the moon landing was a hoax that wouldn't just turn around and say 'duh, 'they' had the technology they just kept it hidden'.

      It's that catch-22 style non-logic, it really irritates the shit out of me how the people who use it are incredibly smarmy despite the fact that it's complete bullshit and takes no effort whatsoever to make shit up to 'trump' what you say, regardless of how unrealistic what they come up with is. If you push them through to the eventual conclusion of their logic it's invaribly aliens or lizard people.

        For years I *believed* that Lance Armstrong was clean.

        That's frustrating but I can live with it. The ones that really irk me are the ones who come at it with a ton of energy but zero focus. They're the people who, 45 seconds into this video, will have somehow managed to blast off onto a tangent that ends up changing the topic from debunking the video side of the equation into a discussion about Nazi gold being smuggled out of post-WWII Germany by someone you've never heard of but was apparently really highly ranked at NASA.
        You can't debunk it because you've literally never heard of the person, and you've got no idea if that person even existed or how they are related to NASA, but if you say 'I'm not here to discuss the motivations and history of NASA, lets stick to the topic of photography in space' it comes off as a win for them. As though me not knowing what they're talking about negates the facts I'm presenting that debunk the core of the debate.

        [Edit: It's also not just lizard people or aliens, sometimes it's The Government. Although it's a fictional super well organised government where even though everyone is 100% corrupt nobody involved has a personal agenda. The Government's agenda is usually just to screw with you personally for no profitable reason.]

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          EDIT: Re-read your post, my reply made no sense so I killed it.

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    Agreed. Where is the evidence that the video we're watching is real?

    Great post Jesus!

    The stronger the truth the greater the detail! This guy is the Anti Alex Jones. Rational, calm & educated

    I think this guy should do a video about why the egyptians couldn't have built the Pyramids because they didn't have the technology to make the task feasable. It's logical LOL

      We all know the pyramids were built as Goa'Uld landing sites for their ships

      They did have the technology. It was called "really big whips"

    The people calling people 'retards' or 'idiots' (etc) really need to stop being so offensive. So what if someone has a different opinion on something?

      It matters because it's about people learning to think, or choosing not to think. You may think a different opinion doesn't matter. But is it opinion when you believe something that is provably wrong?

      Vaccinations, smoking, climate change... you can have an opinion which isn't backed up by any of the facts, and it will hurt other people. That's when it's important.

      However, no need to call them retards or idiots.

        And people thinking the moon landing was faked hurts people how exactly?

          Sure, it's offensive. I apologise for using that term in the above comment because it is insulting to people with genuine disabilities.

          But the general "slagging off" of people that say things like the statement contained in the comment that I replied to, I have no problem with, because there is no presentation of a genuine argument other than "I don't believe it" and no attempt at an actual counter-argument or statement why (so that they can avoid criticism / examination of their own beliefs and reasoning). I feel that that approach is obnoxious to the people it is directed at and disrespectful of their beliefs and arguments.

          If I was one of the thousands of people who worked my arse off, or was family of one of the people who gave their life along the way, to make the moon landing happen I'd be pretty hurt to have people out there publicly tearing down my life's work or my family's sacrifice just to get a few YouTube hits for their completely illogical, bullshit conspiracy theory.

          So yeah, it hurts people.

          Because it plants distrust and is often linked to other conspiracy belifs that actually are harmful. It alsorobs humanity of one of its greatest technological achievements.

          Because its a lie perhaps? To the people who put their lives on the line and actually went their. It upset Neil Armstrong deeply that people would make up stories to justify their dumb beliefs. So yes it hurts people. Like someone saying they believe you never passed your high school exams.

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    Wonderful video. I never once doubted that we went to the moon. My question is, why haven't we returned? Look at how much publicity and excitement the Curiosity rover generated. If our technology has advanced so much in the last 40 years, it's time for a return to the moon!

      Touche Grayda. Why haven't we gone back? So it was super dusty and stuff fine but with the technology we have now maybe we could drill into it or something . I think a time lapse camera positioned on the moon would be awesome

        A timelapse camera to capture what exactly? Busy Moonites going about their business? ;-)

          That's why we should attack now, when they least suspect it.

          To capture the video of the earth from the moon not just a satellite like it usually is. puts things in perspective.

        Personally, I'm keen to find the monolith on the dark side of the moon..

          There is no dark side of the moon, really. As a matter of fact it's all dark.

      Coz the aliens mining on the dark side of the moon warned mankind off back in the 70's. Yeah, crazy concept, but once you read into it, it makes sense.

    yeah! in my opinion the square on the hypotenuse is NOT equal to the sum of the squares of the other 2 sides.

    Watch the movie "The Dish", the whole transmission came from the moon. They had to manually point there dish at the moon to get the signal back when they lost it. If that's not proof enough then the whole not having the tech to fake it also works. Anyway great article, vid and the comments excepting a few have been great to read.

    just like the Loch-ness monster - you can't be asking people to give proof that it doesn't exist.

    Of course, if NASA ever invent time travel, they could fake the lunar landings, then send the video back in time. Along with a machine to play it.

    Better put the player on the moon, so the Aussie Dish picks it up from there. Oh, and cover the player in a big reflector, for all the people who bounce lasers off the reflectors "left on the moon".

    Still sounds easier just to go there...

    Why are we still talking about this? Mythbusters already disproved all of the major conspiracy theories behind this.

    Mankind landed on the moon. The end.

    Moon landing was fake, find out what the van allen belt is, and consider the fact that the Apollo craft had no lead protection. USSR did not say anything because they have skeletons in the closet themselves.

      Just when we thought it was going to be smooth sailing you finally decided to crop up—oh well...

      Lol at the USSR having 'skeletons in the closet'. I think somehow the cat got out of the bag with that one

      Wikipedia is your friend!

      From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Allen_radiation_belt#Implications_for_space_travel

      "The astronauts had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them. The command module's inner structure was an aluminum "sandwich" consisting of a welded aluminium inner skin, a thermally bonded honeycomb core, and a thin aluminium "face sheet". The steel honeycomb core and outer face sheets were thermally bonded to the inner skin.

      In fact, the astronauts' overall exposure was dominated by solar particles once outside the earth's magnetic field. The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission to mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy), much less than the standard of 5 rem (50 mSv) per year set by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[23]"

    Its like my stance on implants.

    Fake or not fake, the results are wonderful.

    Not saying that I agree that the moon landing was fake....
    But the argument of high speed cameras were not around at the time an argument seem a little iffy to me when you consider the latest rants over HFR movies.
    If 24FPS was the movie "Standard" for years playing back at 10FPS would slow the video down 40ish percent ?

      At 10 fps you would not get such smooth results.

      If ti was faked tho, couldn't they have shot it on an over-cranked film camera, then transferred that to video?

      Just a question...so take a couple of deep breathes before you reply!

    I thought it was all confessed in the documentary "Dark Side of the Moon" when Donald Rumsford admits that the footage was fake and shot in a studio by Stanley Kubrick as we did not have the camera technology for space , however he advises we defiantly went there

    I'm pretty sure we went to the moon, but... if you bought about 100 of those disk recorders and set them up on a video switcher and timer you could record the whole thing with a few frames overlap at each junction, and then play it back in similar fashion. It would take some work, but I think it would be money, not technology, which would have prevented someone from doing that. Oh and lizard men, CIA, free energy.

    At least know one KNEW that they had the technology to fake it at that time!

    Thanks for calling some of us idiots repeatedly. Just because we're unsure of the truth and skeptical doesn't make us idiots and your smug jeering is only another example of how when people are proven right they feel the need to say "I told you so". Although in this case you decided to go with "idiots believed that, see, see, I was right! Ha". Too bad if you know people that believe things you know to be untrue. When you jump up and down and resort to name-calling it's only going to polarise your opposition further.

      lol, you are not serious right?

    As I am only 25 and the race to the moon finished long before I was born, I cannot speak for that generations technology or ingenuity, whether it be for faking the landing or for setting footprints on the moon.

    However I do personally believe that we did land on the moon. The evidence placed before me (not only in this video but also from other sources) greatly outweighs the evidence (if it can be called that) of conspiracy theories disproving the moon landing, whilst not giving any tangible evidence.

    I sincerely hope I live for at least another 25 years because I'm quite sure that placing people on Mars will be the highest point of TV watching I will ever have. After all I'd hate to think that the USA, which is so short of money, has wasted billions of dollars pretending to have made a moon landing.

    Even though the astronauts could make it pass the Van Allen Belt and return to Earth with minimal radiation, the Sun tanning session on the surface of the Moon would have toasted them because the astronaut suits aren't good enough to withstand the heat generated from the direct sunlight and there isn't any atmosphere on the Moon to protect them from the direct sunlight.

    I suspect the first man on the Moon isn't Neil Armstrong, it should be the cameraman who positioned the camera on the Moon to take the video of Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon.

      Not to mention underneath the lander the are where the thruster is is completely flat no movement, now im no astronaut but when descending isn't there thrust to slow the ship down and that thrust would cause dust and rocks to move, so there would of been scorch marks of a small hole right as they landed but nothing, its completely untouched

    Well summing wen up..... I mean I have a mobile don't I?
    Well thats what they tell me. I hope they don't ring me ... now I don't know what to belive !!!

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