Who Needs Hands When You Can Wear Your iPad Around Your Neck?

Prepare for your heart to drop out of your butt, because this is quite literally the best thing I've seen at CES so far. It's called the Steady Snake, and it's an iPad tripod with a prehensile tail that you wear around your neck for hands-free TV watching, photo taking and all-around iPad using.

I'm going to be honest. I chased this woman down so I could take a picture of the Steady Snake. It might be silly. It might be the sheer incarnation of excess and laziness. And it might cost $US75. But take two minutes out of your life to look at the website and see all the uses of the way the Steady Snake could enrich your life. Best example: laying on the sofa reading an ebook! This thing is so ridiculous, and I love the hell out of it.



    Hands-Free and iPad?? .... am I the only one to see the absurdity in this?

      No, but you certainly missed the point of the article.

        My comment was on the device not he article! :)

    this is the best thing you have seen a CES? think they need a new writer..


        not sure what the point of your post is, but I think that they likely got paid to write this up as it is a stupid product that will never sell and a overly zealous writer. But that's my 2c, anyone who wants one I would love to hear from you to see why..

    Good to see the big important surprise of CES finally revealed. Hello 2013.

    all jokes aside that actually looks pretty useful. literally everyone will get one next christmas.

    Am I the only one who see's the benefit of hand's free when watching certain media :P

    Einstein lives!!!!! http://steadysnake.com/images/Geo%20no%20hand%20pyramid%20wide600tb.jpg

    Would be great on a plane... steady snakes on a plane!

    "Prepare for your heart to drop out of your butt"

    Sounds like something from Adventure Time :D

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