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    Post #1 @dazzapee on January 13, 2013 6:34 pm

    Last edited 21/01/13 2:34 pm

      Oh man! Am I posting too much? *reads old White Noise*


      Last edited 21/01/13 2:45 pm

      Trying to get us in here? :p

        That's why he did top 27! I'm on the list!

        Don't know who this luke hopewell with the broken link is though. I call haxx.

          Man, I can get top 10 here, but not on Kotaku?

          Climb the ladder, red.

            Come to Giz whitenoise -- you stand out amongst the tumbleweed :p

    Ooh, new white noise.

    White noisians: What's a good router for a smallish Unit?

      I'm guessing you mean ADSL wireless router? I live in a small unit and use a Netcomm N300. It has a full feature set, has been very reliable, and has way more signal than I need, which is good for when I get a bigger place.

        I reckon I've seen that one in my travels, thanks!

    My trusty old first gen galaxy tab 7 did not come back from a trip to the kitchen, and would not boot. after much angst, i decided to buy a new device. the next closest thing was the Samsung note 5, then a optus elusive. I went into optus store, and asked the outright price ( it was then optus exclusive ) only to be told that it was contract only. is this legal in Oz, or was the optus rep mistaken/telling lies


    Last edited 21/01/13 4:24 pm

    Anyone read this? http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/rise-in-families-battling-internet-addiction/story-e6frea6u-122655832148

    One quote i like is

    One father, who did not wish to be named, said his eight-year-old daughter spent "80 per cent of her summer holidays'' on the family's Playstation, and hides her iPad so she can play games when they are asleep.

    "If we don't hide our laptop with 'guest log-in' and password protect our other computers, she will play internet games on these in between times on the Playstation 3,'' he said.

    "She has hidden our iPad in her bed to play when we are asleep, as we found out, and doesn't have meals with us when asked.

    "It is just a force beyond our reckoning. At first it allowed us to get our ridiculously busy work lives in order but now I am concerned that, with ourselves psychologically wedded to our work and investments, she is psychologically wedded to her games.''

    So in the quote i have put in bold it pretty much says that they let use the PS3 and the internet because it acts as a nanny to her.

    But what i do love about the article is how quick they are to blame the internet and video games but not the lazy parents who dont monitor their kids internet usage.

    Last edited 21/01/13 4:48 pm

      Haha that's gold. So really he knows it is their own fault, but still wants to blame someone else.

      I'm surprised they haven't blamed the government yet for failing to adequately treat them.

      I used to just read well past my bedtime.

      But then I got a gameboy (big grey brick!) and saved up for pokemon and played that well past my bedtime.

      Conclusions? Screw technology, kids will be kids.

        Same, and I'm... Well... Actually quite unhealthy.

          I still read well past (what should be) my bedtime, but now it's on my phone using a kindle app.

          DAMN YOU WORLD!

      It seems very much like the daughter get's more educational, life value and entertainment out of technology than trying to communicate with her uber-busy, workaholic, lame-arsed parents. Obviously she worked it out for herself that her parents we're useless to her besides supplying the material things. Parents like this would blame anyone but themselves.

      Can't he just port block her?

        I'm assuming one of two things: Either doesn't know how, or just cannot be arsed. That's a general trend in my own experience. (I don't know many people who know how to do that, and most of us get enough of it at work)

    Yanks get Surface Pro Feb 9th!

    C'mon Australian announcement!

      Feb 9th - 2014! *insert over the top guitar riff*

    Here's a question for whitenoise, 64gb Class 10 MicroSDXC, would you buy a Sandisk, or pay $10 more for a Samsung?

    Audiophiles in the audience! Short question, long story!

    I've lost so many of my headphones recently (just your regular phone kind), and have been reduced to using the pair I got with my lumia 920 (god help us all, distortion so bad).

    What's good these days? The ones that I've lost were pretty good - roughly 70 dollar pair of skull candy inner ears I bought about a year back, and a pair of logitech ultimate ears I bought a few months back (which were pretty damned good, I will admit).

    tl;dr - what's a decent pair of headphones for on the go that won't distort when I feel like cranking them all the way up to 30/30 on my little lumia thangy-mah-jangy?

      Nothing to offer except that decent iPhone headphones do wierd shit with the Lumia as they use different standards for the three button/mic setup. I've been considering the Nokia Purity to replace my Kilsche S4i and Ajays 4, but no idea if they're actually any good. Using my Lumia headphones too, and while they're not great, they're the best headphones I've got for free with a phone to date.

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