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    Im so cool and Im so groovy, when i go BOM BOM BOM!!

      Who's the boom king?
      I'm the boom king!

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        Sometimes I think I know you Shane, other times...

          It's Flight of the Conchords, man.

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            Ohhhh. I dun watched that show :(

              Missing out! I saw them when they came out last year as well. Freaking hilarious -- they got a woman up out of her seat to take close up photo's, then called security over because she was 'rushing the stage'

              I still giggle.

    A quick question to anyone who uses a powerline adapter is how effective is it over using Wi-Fi?

    I have a home wireless network and my PC is in a far room where the Wi-Fi signal is decent but i get slow speeds. I was thinking about investing in a powerline adapter so i can hook my PC up over the Ethernet.

    Does it actually use your home electrics or does it use Wi-Fi? between adapters?

      I dont have one but I believe it uses the power cabling in your house, so as long as you have only single phase (as most houses do) you should be able to use any power point in the house to receive the signal. I have looked into these but have never been bothered to shell out as my place is only small and wireless seems to be ok. would love to know if you go ahead how it works out for you. So, no, not wifi

      If I recall correctly from all the researches that I've done before purchasing a powerline adapter, the signal is indeed transferred using your existing electrical wiring system. I don't remember them going into detail on how it works EXACTLY though. I am using one myself made by Aztech & it's working perfectly fine (Mine's a Wi-FI + Ethernet adapter)

    ill just type this here as i made a mistake

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      There are no mistakes among friends!
      Hi new friend.

      Mum says I'm a mistake. Is that the same kind of mistake you made?

      Last edited 17/01/13 2:11 pm

        My mum actually told me I was an accident the other day. BEST ACCIDENT EVER.

    Cmon Microsoft Surface Pro pre orders! I want a new computer!

      I'm tempted to say Apple is better, but that would be the beginning of a Shakesperean tragedy

        No way I'd pay the same money for a mac book air with no touch, no pen and an inferior operating system.

    I've been playing with the developers preview of windows 8 embedded (Though, the CTP was released on Monday). For anyone interested, the windows embedded is a version of windows manufacturers can use as the operating system for those products, it can be as fully featured as a win8 pro tablet, or stripped down to control a washing machine. It's used in robotics and in POS systems. The thing can host IIS and SQL server with no issue, and whatever else windows can do. It will run on ARM, however I'm doubtful the ARM version would run SQL or IIS at this stage, I haven't looked into it...

    Oh, and if anyone needs any windows software (Including windows store apps). Let me know, I finally got my ABN, left my job and am now accepting handouts.

      Wait, are you giving me free stuff, or am I giving you free stuff?

        Why would I work for free? I write software, but I don't always come up with ideas, I also don't have a need to pay myself to make my own software for my own business. So other people could pay me to make software for their business. Or just need a programmer, or just have a good idea and wants to collaborate on a project.

    Any audiophiles out there who can recommend a good home theater system for less than $1000?

      Onkyo amps do a great job, have lot's of features and are good priced. You should be able to get an amp and speaker package for <1000

        Cheers I saw a few Onkyo's around but weren't sure if they were a decent brand - I am well out of touch in audio.

    Hi Gizmodians!

    Thought you guys could give some good advice- I'm going to South America and May and am looking at a Sony HX30V camera to take with. Worth it?

    Hi everyone! I'm a published graphic novelist. Tech folks like reading, right? Just tell me if I'm coming on too strong; my English is excellent, but I only got a C+ in social etiquette.


      Pssst - I don't think they're listening.
      Whore yourself out louder!

        *wiggles posterior suggestively*
        Or I might just be mooning. Whatevs.

      that C+ was being generous.

        It was the teacher demonstrating correct social etiquette.

          but how will he learn if the teacher lies to him?
          until @shane learns that no pants is frowned upon in public, he gets a C- from me.

            Doesn't help that @alexpants is a bad influence.

              I dunno, Alex is a pretty good influence on the pants in public front. I mean, every time I've met the guy he was properly attired.

              ...except that one time. which we promised to never mention again.

                Uh-oh! You failed at the non-mentioning! AND HE'S GONNA KNOW!

                  uh oh...
                  ABORT ABORT ABORT!!!!!!!!

                  *runs & hides*

                  oh good. thats reassuring. glad to know you've got my back man.

                  He totally found you dude. It's all over twitter and everything.

      Shane, have you ever played Anna's Quest by @sughly? Bet a whole lot of tech was used to make that! Speaking of games, I love games! Adventures game in particular! (Though any thing with a story, really.)

      Last edited 17/01/13 1:26 pm

        The Walking Dead is straight up gangsta.

          I finished The Walking Dead on the plane to CES. So many feelings, man.

            I'm walking my game-virgin wife through it at the moment. She is a monster.
            She. Dropped. Ben.

            GOTY 2012.

            Last edited 17/01/13 3:34 pm

              My game-virgin wife couldn't get into it. She lasted until you bash the babysitter's head in

              Also...I DROPPED BEN. Nobody sells me out to the bandits.

                Finally someone as mean as me! I dropped him like uh.. That dubstep bloke likes to drop the bass.

                I feel dirty now for saying that, going to wash myself in an acid bath.

        @sughly? You mean Sughly who won Indie Game of the year from Alternative Magazine? And who I chatted to about adventure games here?


          Yeah! That's the one! Damn good guy, that @sughly! Also listed in top ten indie adventures of 2012 by IndieGames.com!

          Last edited 17/01/13 1:30 pm

            Image related:

        This one time, I played a game. It was an adventure game. It was good. The end.

        Oh hey thanks internet stranger! I'm glad you liked the game ^_^

          OMG! It's him!

            Note to self: Never say OMG again. Save it for the PopSugar invasion.

              Oh my God that will be incredible. To be honest though Sugar keeps luring me in with Miranda Kerr pictures down the bottom right of the tech sites. Oh who am I kidding it's in my RSS.

              From 'The Good Guys', most inappropriately cancelled show since firefly:

              Old school cop: You know, you're really not saving yourself any time there.

            Please stop breathing in my space now

              ELITIST. Shun the man and all his work. He forgets what it's like to be common people.

        You should check out Metal Gear Solid and lots of JRPGs. Story they have ! :D

      Oh dear. I feel somewhat responsible for #TAYvasion. :P

        Nope, it's @lukehopewell

          Eek! Mentions are all blue and stuff. It's like alternate reality TAY. Also makes me think of " Two by two. Hands of blue."

            I like the blue text. It's futuristic... some how. Also, I need to rewatch Firefly!

              It really is Joss Whedon's crowning achievement. Towers far over the rest of his career in terms of quality, even if other things brought him more success (not that the rest of his career is by any means a letdown, just saying it's that good IMO).

                Though Dollhouse and The Avengers were both major letdowns.

                I'd agree with that, but Buffy at its best was incredible, man.

                Pffft Astonishing X-Men shits all over it.

                But then, you prefer TV #monster

    I feel like I need to be on my best behaviour here... I'll be sure to look with my eyes, not with my hands /o\

      Bugger it, leave your fingerprint smears over all the glossy tech!

        I don't mind his behaviour but respect the tech while you are here

    I wonder if @dc is going to become Gizmodo's Manly Upvote Fairy as well.

    Folks are worried about getting into trouble for a TAYvasion, but this is the Internet. In-ter-net.
    What the hell kind of trouble can you get into on the Internet?

      I can imagine you hauling your kids in front of the computer.
      'See, kids, on The Internet, you can go anywhere you want and say anything you want! Without repurcussions! See! Look what Daddy was doing all day! I'm gonna do it again! Zip zop zoobity bop!'


    Bake two hash browns, layer liberally with cheese, bake for further 5 minutes. apply American mustard and smokey BBQ sauce to taste.
    Sandwich chicken mignon and garlic butter between cheeseysaucey hash browns.

    Bon Apetit...

      I am totally doing this tonight.
      except bacon will get involved.

        That's the great thing about chicken mignons. It's wrapped in bacon \o/

          in that case, more bacon will get involved.

    The blue links over here look much nicer than our pink links.


    *strolls in casually, sans pants and any remaining sense of pride or inhibition*


    I bet the White Noise refresh game sucks so damn bad!

      Oh man that would be terrible :/

        Three weeks later! New post!

          Not with TAYvasion DLC

            There's actually too many posts to read I can't handle it!

            So... I'm just not going to read any for a while...

              GAME OVER

              Continue Y/N

              YOU WILL CONTINUE

                You're right. I did.


      It would be like TAY Christmas, but every day

      Aw man, I didn't take part in that one. I'm sure I've done a TAYvasion before.

      Also, @chuloopa text walls. So. Much. Text.

        that was the first one I was aware of... I might trawl back a bit further to see if its happened before...

      Those were the good ol days... *sighs wistfully*

      Edit: That couldnt have been the first time, since someone referenced my drawing there. I did that drawing post invasion.

      Last edited 17/01/13 2:07 pm


      Implies there was locals

        I do imagine a sleepy little town happy to keep to themselves, when all of a sudden the roar of approaching TAYbies sends the locals packing into their disaster shelters.


        Last edited 17/01/13 2:12 pm

      There were locals? I always thought the White Noise was supposed to be a radio signal left behind like On the Beach!

    Wondered why TAY got (slightly) quiet.

      Blue is the new red in here, it's bizarro Kotaku

      I read the previous invasion back in '11 and have deemed Sughly's TAYvasion drawing BEST. EVAR.

    I finally made it...
    *Clutches chest*
    Wait, I'm getting better...
    *gets better*
    I'm okay again! \o/
    Hi, Whitenoise-ers! o/

    And now my fork has snapped off its handle. I blame @dc. It's clearly his fault because he won't meat me and give me a good fork.

    Last edited 17/01/13 2:17 pm

      I'll fork the hell out of you if you buy dinner and promise to call me tomorrow.

      If/when I meat you, I'll give you a good spoon. You might need to buy me a drink or two if you want a fork, though.

        How am I supposed to fork my meat with a spoon? Useless.

    it feels weird in here, like i'm at an old relatives house, i don't wanna touch anything in fear of breaking it...

    *Peeks over the fence*

    ...what's goin' on over this side?

      You're welcome to stay. Just don't go lookin' in the locked barn...

        I'm currently switching back and forth between the horror of TWD and this:

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