What The Next iPad Might Look Like (If It Looks Like The iPad Mini)

Unsurprising reports about what the next iPad will look like have been coming out, parts showing off an iPad Mini-esque casing for the bigger iPad have been leaked and well, I'm no maths expert but one plus one usually equals two. If you want to get an idea of what the next iPad might, maybe, possibly, no guarantees here! will look like, we've got you covered.

Gizmodo friend and wildly talented Martin Hajek whipped up a few excellent 3D renders showcasing the purported next iPad (or at least what's being rumoured about the purported next iPad) against the iPad Mini and the current iPad. It's actually a really great look. You can see the bezel is thinner, which gives the iPad a slimmer feel, and that the back is black, just like the leaked backing we saw yesterday. If the next iPad looks just like this, I won't have much complaints (especially if it's significantly lighter). It'll be determined how the thinner bezel will effect holding the iPad.

But take a look at the 3D renders below from Martin and see more of his fantastic 3D work in full detail here.

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