What Do You Think Of People Without Facebook Accounts?

Social networking is great and all, but you can't really fault anyone for not buying into it. Unless, of course, you're talking about Facebook. Everybody has a Facebook, except for the people who don't, and they tend to be few and far between.

Whether it's a hipster statement, like not owning a TV, or an attempt at privacy in the allegedly post-privacy age, people without Facebook accounts are definitely in the minority. What do you think when you meet someone (in real life, presumably) who doesn't have one? Do they tend to be holier-than-thou? Weird? Secretive? Or just totally normal folks who don't dig Facebook for one reason or another? Do you think there's a stigma?


    Envious. That's what I get when I think of people who didn't integrate social networking into their lives.

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      Individual, open-minded and liberated are the words that spring to my mind when I think of those free from Facebook.

        Thank you to both of you. I dont have Facebook (I did at one point, for 2 years, but left it and deleted my account 5 years ago), Twitter, Instagram, etc etc. I left it because it created a fake world with fake "friends" who I dont give two hoots about but for some reason believe that being connected to me filled a spot in their lives. My real friends know my email address, home address and mobile number. It also caused me to have emotional ups and downs based on comments, etc by other people. So I decided to return to the real world.

          You know it's possible to manage your facebook so you only have your real friends.

            ...and it's also possible just to have real friends!

              I have Facebook and the only friends I have on there are my real friends, because I don't see them in person very much anymore because we've all gone our seperate ways. Can you fault me for that?

              Oh and don't act like people who have it aren't open-minded and individual, that's rubbish. I have it simply to keep an eye on what people are doing. I rarely post things myself, and rarely use it anyway. Just because I have my name on the internet and a couple photos means I'm being herded into a virtual sheep pen? Get real. I'm very much in control of my own privacy.

                Keep on believing that and I'm sure you'll be just fine! :-)

                I'm very much in control of my own privacy.

                This made me lol a quite a bit. When you connect to the internet, privacy control is gone.

                No you're not. You think you are, but you're not. You have a digital footprint, a trace, a trail; whatever you want to call it, it exists, and it's there to stay, thanks to myriad of servers preserving your identity. You're kidding yourself if you think you can control it. If anything, you can prune the weed, but you can't tell it what to grow into. There is no such thing as control on the internet.

                  So? The only things on this trail are the things you or others will have put up there. Which is mostly just going to be boring stuff no-one cares about. People get way too paranoid about this stuff. Sure, people could hack into my bank account or e-mail account and take all my money or whatever else they wanted to do but why would they? It would probably take a while and with however many millions of internet users I doubt they'll invest that much into it. Generic information will be easier to come by but I can't see anyone caring about that either. And if corporations want to know that I like this band or that, I don't care. I find it weird that employers care about what's on our Facebook pages, as well. How can taking a naked picture on holiday with friends impact work performance? I'm fine having a trail. I'm fine not really having any privacy. Why would anyone care about me, anyway?

                  Rant over.

          Couldn't agree more! Facebook makes friendship too easy, and it's all about creating a page that displays the "Ideal" you, rather than the real one, nowdays I go and do things with my friends, rather than clicking at them.

          Someone give this guy a medal.. Amen Brother... Well said

    I have a friend who is completely off the radar and we always give him shit for not having a facebook account. More so because there are always links we want to share with him, but also (and this will sound terrible) he is often completely forgotten when events are organised via the Book.

    Shun the non facebooker. Shuuunnnnnnnnnnnn

      This happens to me too. And it IS terrible that he is forgotten :P

      Even though most of them are still otherwise quite good friends, I do find it somewhat hurtful that simply because I'm not on their list of friends, I apparently don't exist any more. I don't see it as any encouragement to get on there though, quite the opposite actually.

      No shun the Crackbookers that click on the invite and go 'Maybe' furthermore, those who reply, Yes to all the invites and go to none! Here's an idea! Pick up the phone!

    Why the F#@*k is this even relevant.?
    If people don't want to be a part of Zuckerberg's money sucking privacy lacking middle finger to everyone, then they don't need to explain anything..! Completely ridiculous question... idiot !!

      Ok, maybe a little overstated, but still a stupid question to ask..

        How is this stupid? It really is a rather interesting topic to raise due to the worlds addiction and reliance on social media.

          I think you just answered your own question! :)

            Its still interesting

              Not disputing whether it's interesting or no. Just whether it's even relevant. Seems a tad elitist to think you need to ask if someone has an account. What difference does it make to the asker or the askee..?

                Why should it be elitist to ask if someone's on Facebook?
                I'm a stage performer - I travel around a lot and meet a lot of new people. These aren't the sort of relationships where either party would want to share phone numbers unless it were entirely necessary. The current cast I'm in has a private facebook page where we can share photos, links, ideas, make plans, etc. It's an incredibly effective/efficient system, but it wouldn't work if even one person didn't have a FB account.
                Just because it's not relevant to you, doesn't mean it isn't worth discussing.

                  You have missed the point, I'm talking about the context of the headline
                  "WHAT DO YOU THINK of People Without Facebook Accounts?"
                  which has nothing to do with your situation.

                  Okay, everyone just shut the fuck up. Timmahh, Nick_j, peeps, just shut the hell up.
                  This story isn't a Political debate, nor is it an elitist and/or patronising statement.
                  It was just a fucking question about a social media website which was posted on a website that usually has an interest in technology. There is no subtext. This isn't a debate about the social lines. It was just a god damn fucking question.
                  THATS ALL

                  This for @urbanpitch
                  Who are you? The forum police? The whole idea of a comments section is to make comments!!

                  @timmahh And you've been very constructive in commenting. Pissing on the article, saying it's irrelevant and elitist and thinking this article has to get people to explain themselves because they're not signed up with 'the man(MZ)'.
                  Shit dude. who are you, the article police? Since you think this article is ridiculous, it's obvious that you're right and this article should be removed and the very idea of it never thought of again in fear of timmahh not liking it... oh dear boo hoo. it's demeaning to people. boohoo
                  I'm not the comments police, and you're not the one running what gets posted either. maybe that's why your so pissy about it

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        If you don't like the article then don't look at it, let alone comment on it. That seem idiotic to me.

          Isn't the story there to be commented on in the first place?
          Why stick your head in the sand?
          As far as I'm concerned, Zuckerberg Zucks

    I wouldnt have deleted my profile if I hadnt been pushed to it by a stalker. But now that I have I dont miss it at all.

    I don't Facebook. I have a life away from my mobile, I even forget to take it with me some days, a whole day mobile free ah ah it's enough to give some an anxiety attack.

    I laugh (or at times worry) at work in the tea room for lunch, everyones got their phones out looking down engrossed. Little talk, not a chance for a game of cards. The new world, you can stick it.

      Having a Facebook account and social media addiction are two different things. I check it less than I check Gizmodo. It is however useful for me to push opinions and advertise stuff.

      Not to mention the occasional passive aggressive middle finger to the boss is useful for stress relief.

    man without a facebook....

    I had it for years and years, I've now been facebook free for 6+ months and I don't miss it at all.
    It's easier to leave facebook when you realise that 90% of the people you 'friend' you'll probably never see again in person.
    Nothing worse than being out with people and instead socialising they are looking at facebook on their phones.
    I left because of the irony of it all, a social network that more often than not makes you more anti-social.

      Great great point! I notice it with all my mates, we are out to dinner etc and everyone is with their head down on their phone on facebook.. really sad!

    A priori, nothing. People is entitled not to care for that stuff.

    If they have an attitude about it (holier-than-thou comes to mind) then my opinion changes in general, not just regarding social media.

    No facebook account, just a normal person who realises how much privacy you loose when you sign onto facebook. Plus who want to know my minute by minute life story. :(

    I have one but I only check it two or three times a year (when I am really, really, really bored). The only good thing about it, as far as I can see, is that it is a great way to keep everyone at arms length without them necessarily realising that you don't want to spend time with them. None of my actual friends are Facebook friends and none of my Facebook friends are actually friends at all, just idiots I once knew.

      hahaha love it, that somes up my reason for still having an account on facebook perfectly.

      havent used it in 4 years other than once maybe twice a year to check a birthday or an email address from someone i havent spoken too in a while.
      I find it keeps all the poeple i dont care about off my back, my real friends know taht i dont use it.

    All people do on Facebook is bitch about one another anyway.

      That says more about your choice of friends than the people who use facebook.

    Many years ago I signed up to Facebook but couldn't see why anyone would use it after an hour or two of using it. Me, I'm not using it and it's not part of my life and thank god for that. Seeing so many people on there almost 24 hours / 7 days a week is strange to me, even when they walk endlessly looking at their phone. I understand why parents are on it (double checking up on their kids) but other than that. I don't use it and don't understand it. I use SMS, Phone calls, Emails and Skype to keep in touch with friends and family.

    Facebook is probably responsible for a 30% reduction in workplace productivity among 18-24 year olds. It's more than a waste of time, it's a dangerous addiction.

      I'm SURE you have a scientific study to back up those claims.

      Just how is it a "dangerous addiction"?

        One day we'll look back at Facebook the same way we view nicotine addiction today, with sympathetic disdain.

    Since I am one of those who doesn't have a facebook account, I think of it as one less thing to worry about in my life. Or actually, facebook could spell more trouble than just one.

    I feel rather indifferent. The only real impact it has on me is I have to be mindful when organising something that along with the invite I typically send through Facebook, there may be two or three others I need to send an email to. Other than that, it has very little impact on me.

    Friends without facebook always seem to be the ones constantly annoyed they miss out on happenings that everyone else organises through facebook pretty much exclusively these days.

    I was a heavy facebook user until about 2 months ago.
    I had been tossing up whether to get rid of it for a few weeks before that, but one afternoon I noticed that I had been trolling through facebook on my phone for almost an hour.
    An hour of filing through peoples misspelled, bitchy, whiny, poor me, screw the world, crap.

    That was the straw that broke the camels back, but I have more reasons why I don't want facebook any more.
    Privacy, of course, is one of the main reasons.
    Another main reason is that I really don't care what people are having for tea, what movie they are watching, where they are going, who they are with, and when they did their last crap. If I do want to know what somebody is doing I can still give them a call, send them a text, send them an email, or talk to them face to face.

    Once I deleted my Facebook account, I thought that was it Facebook is gone and out of my life, but then the strangest thing started to happen.
    People that were 'Facebook Friends' before I deleted my profile, started to ask me why I had blocked them on Facebook, and when I explained that I had deleted it some of them failed to believe it or got genuinely offended.

    I don't go out of my way to tell people that I am no longer on Facebook, because it's a thing I genuinely don't care about any more, so I doubt I come across as 'holier-than-thou', but even the act of deleting your Facebook account makes people think that you are.

    I'd also like to add that I don't care if other people use Facebook, I'm not going to try and change anybodies opinion on it.
    It's just my view, that for me, it is a useless tool that used to change my mood for the worst every time I scrolled through my news feed.

    Its not fair to judge someone based on wether or not they have a Facebook account.

    I do have a Facebook account, that said i rarely use it and have 0 friends. If my actual friends want to contact me they have my phone number and if they dont then i obviously dont want to talk to them.

    I think "Oh hey, a fellow champion!" :P

    But really I think I am generally about as surprised as other people are when they find out I don't have one.

    Only a few of my friends don't have fb accounts and I have converted nearly all of them, but only for one reason: Finding old friends! You can't beat fb for tracking down people you haven't seen in 10+ years.

      Whatever Facebook's faults, I will forever be grateful for finding out that the kid who used to tease me for having curly hair in junior school was balding at 25. I win, sucka!

    When I was single it was a great way to manage my dating pipeline. Now that I'm not I have deleted my account. If people want to contact me I have a phone and an email address or they can drop by in person. I know I'm "missing out" on a lot of memes and youtube videos, but I guess I'll have to live with that.

      Interesting. When I was single I found the combination of dating and facebook to be a minefield. Everyone can see what everyone else is doing unless you're vigilant with hiding and customizing privacy settings. Wore than once I found myself in hot water when one girl saw another posting on my wall or uploading a photo.

    in my Multimedia TAFE course 2 years ago, we were given a design brief to create a mock up for a video sharing site that used Facebook to log in and 2 or 3 guys almost literally threw a tantrum because of it. The client justified it because it would be his target audience and it would be easier to use its APIs then to create his own but 1 of the guys didn't want to hear about and tried to convince the client to create his own social network... apparently he didn't want to use FB because everyone else uses it...

    one the other hand, most of my friends have a FB account but don't post to it which is fine, but when it comes to inviting people to events, it's the only place i can check so people not on there tend to be forgotten.
    The only things I post is important information like dont use apple maps if your going on a car trip these holidays.... :)

      "apparently he didn't want to use FB because everyone else uses it..."

      Say what?
      "I don't want to use this particular social network because everyone is using it and being social on it. Make another social network."

      Makes sense. It worked for Windows Live Messenger... Call that guy an idiot for me. Seriously, just be like "some internet stranger neither of us knows thinks you're an idiot". It'll get under his skin. =/

    never used facebook based on the privacy risk, i don't want the whole world and future employers to see all the crazy shit i've been up to.

    I'm not happy with owning a facebook account - I *need* to use it for work and for events so I don't get forgotten when my fiends seem to think there is no way to contact people other than Facebook. I got yelled at by my girlfriend because I didn't click attending on one of her events.

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