We've Been Eating Take-Away Noodles Wrong This Whole Time

Your heart fell out of your butt when you learned you had been eating ketchup wrong. Prepare to lose it yet again, because we've been borking our Chinese food containers too.

Let's go ahead and call what we see in the GIF up top the Unfolding Principle. As with tomato sauce, simply open up the paper to get maximum noodle surface area for maximum enjoyment. You might have to man-handle the wire a bit, and you destroy your built-in leftovers vessel. But hey, maybe that just means you'll finally finish up your Kung Pao.



    I'm surprised a genius like Steve Jobs didn't think of it.

      Well there's an app for that

        And that app be atleast 99c :3

        Cost you to know how to eat noodles....

      You're eating your noodles the wrong way

      Whether he did or not, I'm sure Apple will patent the idea and then sue Red Rock Noodle Bar for infringement.

    Looks like a good idea especially for sharing, except I've never had noodles in a box that dry. They always have way too much sauce in the bottom.

    Didn't everyone else already do this...?

    Boxes unfold? HOLY SHIT! Stop the press someone needs to tell them!

    Wait... this is "the press"? :'(

    Hey look, your noodles go cold quicker..

      You have the best username ever

    The single advantage I see to this is that there aren't any corners for noodles to skulk in, taunting your chopsticks. Otherwise unfolding the box before eating is completely pointless.

    So now I need a table to eat noodles. That is so much easier...

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