Watch This Kid Drive Heavy Machinery Like A Total Pro

When you think about child labour, chances are your first thoughts aren't "Wow! Awesome!" And if they are, you're probably a monster. Perhaps the sole exception is if you're thinking of this video. Granted, this is dangerous, and no kid should be doing this, but damned if it isn't impressive how competent the little guy is.

I can't imagine the thought process of the person who decide to just film this, or the one who put him behind the wheel in the first place, but man. I couldn't drive a car that well when I was a teenager. Hopefully he can just manage to stay safe long enough to be the best damn adult bulldozer driver there ever was. [Reddit]


    He can indeed drive it pretty well, but bear in mind the sorts of adults who drive heavy machinery for a living aren't always the sharpest tools in the box... I'm sure there are many competent, bright people who do that for a living every day, but not all by any means.

      Huh??. Where the hell did that come from? Its an article simply showing a kid using the machine, then you go off trying to put down their intelligence? You sound like a kid who just got outclassed and then tries to feel better by putting the other kid down. Come on.

    Did anyone even bother to try and read that title? The word "can" needs to be removed, or there should be a comma after watch.

    Actually, an exclamation mark would be better than a comma, or you could add a "how" after "Watch".

    The kid definitely knows how to operate the machine, but he begins reversing without looking behind him. At one stage he backed into the container (or whatever it is) at the back of the lot. I'm not criticizing the child, I just hope he is not left unsupervised when he is driving.

    Not Child Labor ( look at how well dressed the boy is )

    Dad probably taught him and is letting him show off.

    A. That is a front end loader, not a bulldozer. Good research.
    B. That is only half a bucket, any half decent operator (yes, even a child) should be able to pull a full bucket from a stockpile like that.

    I hear China is a big adopter of the "take your son to work" day

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