Pebble Smart Watch Will Ship On January 23

The long-awaited Pebble e-paper smart watch is being showed off at CES 2013 today, and it's finally going to start shipping to backers on January 23! Let Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble show you through the Pebble here.

At its peak, Pebble will be making 15,000 devices per week. 85,000 Pebbles will ship to Kickstarter backers and tens of thousands to others who ordered after Kickstarter closed.

Image: Adam Hallett

Eric spent time at the press conference actually talking through the details of the watch — telling us a few things we haven't heard before.

The Pebble doesn't actually have an "e-ink" display. It's actually an sort of LCD display with a refresh rate of 30 frames per second to drive animations.

The watch only weighs 38.2 grams with a polycarbonate shell and hard coated lens on top of the face. The strap is 22-millimetre polyurethane and you can interchange the strap whenever you like with a leather or metal one.

Images: Adam Hallett

It's water resistant to five atmospheres, and that actually means you can use it swimming, sailing, doing the dishes or running through a rainstorm.

To keep it waterproof, Pebble had to figure out how to seal the device while still being able to charge it. To counter that, Pebble announced a little USB to magnetic charging cable that would clip on to the device to charge it.

The Pebble app will be supported on Android 2.3.3 and above and it will support any iOS device with iOS 5 or higher (iPhone 3GS and up and iPod Touch 3rd-Generation and up), but Eric said that it's going to work better with iOS 6 because of the new Bluetooth profiles in the OS for better notifications.

Pebble is also building its own cloud as part of its account system. What it's trying to do is build a platform that web developers can use to push notifications to the Pebble smart watch. That's pretty impressive.

Images: Adam Hallett

Every two to three weeks, the Pebble folks will post software and shipping update information to Kickstarter backers.

Image: Adam Hallett

Pebble is designed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0, but Eric is promising that it will only affect your battery by between five and 10 per cent.



    When did they move Pebble development to the Na'vi of Pandora...?

    EDIT: for those who wonder what I'm talking about... In the LiveStream (since replaced by the photos above) Eric with bright blue skin LOL.

    Last edited 10/01/13 5:42 am

      Eric keeps apologising for the blue hues, adding that this is the first press conference he's even attended before.

        No problem. was just trying to be funny.

        I'm really impressed that Eric actually got the product off the drawing board and onto the market... no mean feat for any small startup. I am currently placing my order on his site.

        Thanks Luke for livestreaming the media conference.

        Last edited 10/01/13 4:39 am

    It seems so tacky and useless. I understand some people like to wear watches for various legitimate reasons, but what is a real reason for buying this?

      Correct you are - I can't wait to add this, yet another tacky device/gadget, to my existing collection of 'shineys'...

      Tatiana, I imagine (well I don't imagine as I'm one of the backers), that people will use it for when the exercise (change tracks, quickly check if a call/sms is important etc) without having to remove their device from their pocket.

      It's also a nice change in the way we consider what a conventional timepiece is. I love a good, fancy watch, but I don't have the money for a Breitling and I'm a bit of a gizmo man, so this will suffice

        I'm still confused. My husband has had a watch for 3/4 years now that connects via Bluetooth to his phone and tells him texts, who is calling etc. Sony Ericsson. What's so new?

      I'm a backer as well. I'm getting one because there are lots of activities that I do where I can't access my phone easily but I am expecting messages that I am relying on - the pebble can give me a notification. I expect that more useful applications will appear in the future as well, which will increase its utility - so for me, it is a useful device. For you, maybe not.

        I put my phone in one of those upper arm thingies when hiking and even rock climbing (indoors) and it works great. However, I think for certain activities it would be useful. You have convinced me. I personally won't get one though until it is just a smartphone capable, heat/cold/water proof watch that has a fold out expandable screen and looks fashionable.

    looking forward to getting mine in the mail! the pebble has often been reffered to as an example of why crowdsourced tech projects can't and won't work but i've been happy with their constant progress updates and the whole process from prototype to production has actually been really interesting.

    All I want is one of these on my bike, that can sense when my phone is near, or when we are moving, and automatically launches the relevant cycling app (like strava or endomondo etc) so I don't keep losing precious logged kms when I forget to.

    i will use it for my wife.
    she NEVER answers her phone. because its in her bag and the bag isnt on her. this will let her know she is getting a call anywhere close to the phone.
    i think they look quite nice (possibly to be proven wrong when i get one)

    also for me cycling this will be very useful.

    what i am interested in though is if it will ever support win 8 as i am looking at switching from ios for my next phone

    I'll wait for the $15 Chinese Ebay knock off's.

    Hey, just a tip for those who are waiting their Pebble (like me), I made an iOS app (free) to track Pebble shipments, etc.. ;-)

    Here is the link :

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