Watch: Tasmanian Devils SyFy Monster Movie Looks Hilariously Over-The-Top

We warned you. We really did. And this trailer for the SyFy Channel's horror flick treatment of the Tasmanian Devil confirms our fears. Our adorable endangered fauna has been reimagined as a bear-sized man killer. Still, at least it’s hunting hipster base jumpers and Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years. Wait, what?

Gore warning if you're kinda squeamish...

In addition to Danica McKeller (aka Winnie Cooper), the flick stars familiar Sci-Fi faces: Kenneth Mitchell (Jericho), Mike Dopud (Stargate Universe), Rekha Sharma (Battlestar Galactica and V), Roger R. Cross (Eureka and Continuum) and Terry Chen (Sanctuary and Continuum).

Sometimes I love me some trashy SyFy movie of the week action. Thanks Brandon!

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