Australia Is Getting Its Own Cyber-Security Base [Updated]

Australia Is Getting Its Own Cyber-Security Base [Updated]

Prime Minister Julia Gillard just announced a raft of new National Security endeavours, including one that would see Australia build a home base for cyber-security agencies.

Update: You can now read the National Security Strategy here. Cyber-security gets a mention from page 40 onwards.

The Prime Minister announced an updated National Security Strategy today at the Australian National University, talking tough about strengthening alliances, monitoring international flashpoints and building a massive cyber-security hub here in Australia to combat hackers from nation states and rogue groups.

Prime Minister Gillard admitted in her speech that the Australian Government can’t secure the nation’s networks alone, announcing a $1.46bn effort to strengthen the country’s most sensitive networks.

As we roll out the National Broadband Network, we are deploying a more sophisticated cyber-security focus. We are an attractive target for…hackers and organised crime networks, but also from nation states. We must ensure that our most important networks are some of the hardest to compromise in the world. Government alone cannot develop a secure environment. We must work with industry.

The internet must remain open, but it must remain secure. Cyber policy co-ordinator within the Department of PM and Cabinet.

The Prime Minister is also appointing a Cyber Policy Co-Ordinator to sit within her Department so that cyber-security is always in her eyeline.

Tomorrow, the Prime Minister will announce a new super-facility for Australia’s cyber-security that will house teams from ASIO, the Attorney-General’s office, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Crime Commission as well as other national agencies.

“We want people working together and co-location aids co-operation. It will create a hub for greater collaboration with the private industry. Malicious cyber activity will likely be with us for decades to come, so we must be ready for a long, hard fight,” the Prime Minister said of the new facility.

The National Security Strategy announced today will be updated every five years.

More on this as we get it.