Watch A Polar Bear Try And Eat A Man Inside A Perspex Box

Watch A Polar Bear Try And Eat A Man Inside A Perspex Box

As part of an upcoming BBC series called “Polar Bear Family and Me”, wildlife photographer and film maker Gordon Buchanan decided to plonk himself inside a perspex enclosure so he could safely capture footage of the Arctic mammals in their natural environment. He probably should have expected that, eventually, one would attempt to turn him into dinner.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the polar bear spent 45 minutes trying to figure out how to crack open the annoying transparent casing to get at the juicy human meat inside. Fortunately for Buchanan, polar bears haven’t yet mastered the skills of lockpicking… or demolition.

The clip here only shows two minutes of his ordeal, which Buchanan describes as “the most difficult thing I have done and the scariest”. From the Daily Mail:

“A lot of people think that carnivores are intrinsically dangerous but most aren’t — there’s a minimal risk and attacks are the exception … But polar bears are different, without a doubt she wanted me for lunch. She was so persistent, looking for a weak spot for almost 45 minutes.”

“I was terrified and you could hear my heartbeat on the mic. It really was a sensational moment and a worrying situation … It shows how enormous and powerful they are.”

Well, try not to look so delicious next time.


Video: BBC