Watch A Balloon Explode 100,000 Feet Above The Earth

We've seen a lot of DIY space balloons, and they're all usually pretty similar to look at. Balloon goes UP. Balloon comes DOWN. Sorta-outer-space in between. Caleb Anderson's looks a little different. Because he sent a bunch of cameras up, and because they caught the balloon exploding like a wad of pudding and dispersing into the stratosphere.

Anderson has a comprehensive writeup of the effort it took to get the balloon in the air and syncing up the videos, which are interesting if you like staring at sound wave patterns. But the real cool stuff is the videos. His synced final product, with all six videos at once, is pretty great, and this balloon explosion makes me want to see more stuff exploded in the stratosphere. Hell, I'd watch a Gallagher act at 100,000 feet. [Operation StratoSphere via Hacker News]

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