Vote Which Monopoly Token Should Keep Passing Go

Say goodbye to your childhood. In order to herald in an age of change, Hasbro's "Save Your Token" campaign is asking you to pick which memory of your youth you would like to watch fade to nothingness.

Fans have until February 25 to go to the Monopoly Facebook page and choose which classic token they love the most: the race car, iron Scottie dog, wheelbarrow, shoe, top hat, thimble or battleship. Not content to simply remove the losing token from the game, Hasbro will send the offending piece directly — and permanently — to jail. You do, however, also get to vote on the new token (toy robot, helicopter, cat, guitar or diamond ring) with which you'd like to fill the void.

According to oddsmaker R.J. Bell of, the wheelbarrow is the one most likely to get axed with 2-1 odds. But don't worry, I'm sure it's just being sent to a nice, big farm — it'll be better this way. [USA Today]

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