Video: Watch That Giant Squid Attacking A Submarine

Our friend Jonnypartys at The Scuttlefish found this video of the Architeuthis, the kraken filmed by Tsunemi Kubodera and his team after 400 hours in a research sub. It's only a few seconds, but you can see the beast both peacefully floating and attacking the submarine.

The monster was kind of pissed off, but I don't blame it. According to Kubodera, they live "a solitary existence, swimming about all alone in the deep sea. It doesn't live in a group, so when I saw it, well, it looked to me like it was rather lonely."

Single tear.

Size comparison.

The complete footage will be shown by the Discovery Channel for the season finale of Curiosity. [The Scuttlefish]

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    Amazing. Absolutely amazing.. Can't believe there's not more coverage of this. It's pretty much a cryptoid & most people wouldn't believe they exist. The world must be shown!

      It gives me hope that one day we will finally find bigfoot.

    Any idea on when it airs here? I'd love to watch it.

    Awesome! Imagine the calamari rings... Mmmmmmmm calamari

      Imagine... A calamari ring you could hula with... - lol

    1 salt n pepper squid to go, just load it on to my semi trailer thanks...

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