United Airlines Brings In-Flight Wi-Fi Back To Australian Skies

Cheer up, frequent fliers: there's a new name in the air when it comes to giving you Wi-Fi connectivity on your travels. United Airlines is offering Wi-Fi service on its flights between Australia and the US.

Right now United only has one Boeing 747 aircraft fitted with Wi-Fi (please be the one I'm going on next week), but it plans to upgrade 300 of the planes to support airborne internet by the end of the year.

There are two pricing tiers: $14.99 gets you basic access, while $19.99 gets you "accelerated" service. Basically it's a pledge to speed up your service for an extra five bucks, but as Angus over at Lifehacker points out, it's still satellite internet which is well-known for being a load of suck. Stick to the $14.99 option, I say.

Do you want Wi-Fi on more flights? [Lifehacker]

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