Ultra-Thin Magnetic Keyboard Won't Fatten Up Your iPhone 5

The EX Hybrid Controller system isn't the first compact wireless keyboard or gamepad designed to sidle up to the iPhone, but it might be the first that's actually worth using. At just 2mm thick, they won't fatten up your phone. And since the separate accessories attach via the magic of magnets, both can be attached in either landscape or portrait orientations.

To actually connect either the EX Hybrid controller or keyboard to your iPhone 5 you'll have to get used to your phone wearing a thin case that provides a magnet-friendly backing. But it's not required. Either accessory will still work with your phone when not connected because they're self-powered and rely on a wireless Bluetooth connection. The case just provides a convenient way to marry the two together.

And although they look far too thin to house a useful battery, both the keyboard and controller are claimed to have as much as 40 hours of battery life on a single one hour charge. It's made all the more impressive given the EX Hybrid kit, which includes the case, the keyboard and the controller, will set you back just $US50.

[iPhone5mod via TechCrunch]



    This litterally looks too good to be true.
    Any flaws?

      Keep it away from credit cards in your pocket!

      Agreed. Not sure how comfortable a 2mm keyboard would be to use. Be nice to see a hands on perhaps :)

      I'm with you on this one. Who's the company? Curious to see a hands on.

        I ordered a dock and cord from this website before - the products were great but expect shipping to be a while.

    Pity you can't use a mouse on an iPhone.

      but you can use an iPhone on a mouse, a bit messy though.....

    @Jimmybasdol there's 1, you have to buy an apple product, something i'm not willing to do

    I don't see the point. Both the keyboard and "controller" are just touch. They aren't real buttons or analog sticks at all. What the iPhone really needs is a larger screen.

    That would destroy the compass functionality of the phone.

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