Uh, Here's A Stylus That Plays Music, Takes Bluetooth Calls, And Vibrates

From the brainspace of "Oh Hell Why the Hell Not?", here's Dexim's Music Talking Stylus. It's a Bluetooth-enabled stylus that doubles as a music controller, and triples as a phone receiver, and sorta-quadruples as a headphone jack. And, uh, it vibrates. But as goofy as it sounds, it actually seems like it would be useful, in its own very strange way.

The stylus pairs with any Bluetooth phone or tablet, and controls volume, play/pause, and track selection. And you can answer your calls on it. Your headphones plug into a 3.5mm jack at the top. The vibrating is from a "reminder" feature, or as jesus Diaz points out, lots of reminders could probably be put to use as "a sexual toy." All of this is presuming that it actually works, since we saw it at a booth and the prototype wasn't doing working demos.

It'll be out in February for $US80.[Dexim]

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