Top Windows 8 Touch Apps: Games

Want to make the most of the touch interface on your new Windows 8 tablet, hybrid or desktop? All week we're rounding up the best touch-friendly apps for Windows 8. Today: it's time for some games.


Wordament is a dangerously addictive casual game: make as many words as you can in two minutes from adjoining letters in the grid, while competing against everyone else playing at the same time. Sadly, someone will always beat you.

Cut The Rope

A touchscreen classic since its release in 2010, Cut The Rope retains its appeal on Windows 8. Quick! Om Nom is hungry!

Angry Birds Star Wars

Yes, Angry Birds is in many ways the most obvious game franchise we could pick. But if you're not happy, take it up with Darth Vader, and save your $4.99 for something else.


You may not realise it, but you've always wanted to build a flying machine for a penguin. Really, you have.


Not everything on a touch device has to be a cartoon-cute drawing game. ARMED brings strategy gaming to Windows 8, with individual, multiplayer and online modes.

Have additional suggestions for the list? Tell us in the comments.

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