This Titanium Utility Ring Is The Best Wedding Ring

The Titanium Utility Ring is not a wedding ring per se. But since I don't like man rings, and the only rings I've ever worn are wedding rings, it is a wedding ring to me.

It's made of titanium plates riveted with brass. It includes a bottle opener (YES!), a straight blade (which will be great for street fighting), a saw (for street tree chopping), a serrated blade (for impromptu street steak cutting) and a comb (for street moustache and/or pubes grooming). The only thing I miss: a welding gun.

It's $US50 well spent, if you ask me. [Cool Material]



    Its actually $385, not $50.

      They got it right in the article when it was originally posted on the US site. Clearly their copy and paste robot has a wonky exchange rate facility built into it.

    Is it not time that Giz AU distances itself from the US site?

    Talk about shitty reporting, geez. (starts calling the site Geezmodo)
    a) If you wore one of those as a wedding ring, you'd probably be divorced pretty darn quick.
    b) As others have pointed out, it's actually $385, not $50.

    good luck getting through airport security with that

    I open my beer without needing the extra little bits because I am Australian

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