This Snappable Spork Could See You Through A Whole Meal

This spork isn't really a spork: it's a spoon that turns into a knife and fork. It's cleverly designed to see the user through soup then a regular main course -- we just can't really work out what it should be called.

A sporkife? Fooife? Knoork? Spifork? So many words to squeeze into a single name. Still, the idea behind it is a good one: it's a spoon that can be used to gobble down soup, before being snapped in half to function as a knife and fork. Instead of using three separate disposable utensils to eat a meal, one could suffice -- which is an inspired piece of green design thinking.

Sadly, that's all it is: a prototype put together by designer Bozzai Krisztina. But one that's begging to be put into production. [Yanko Design]


    Except for when you have a main then pudding...... and then need to glue it back together

    I wonder if the right side is the sharp side for the knife, maybe it could cut the insides of your mouth?

    When I am not provided with cutlery, I assume fingers are the go.
    Turkish, Japanese, 'ken chop mate

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