This Picture Was Taken Using A Beer Can

When UK photographer Matt Bigwood took a workshop in pinhole photography, he was inspired to create his own, simple project. So, armed with some empty beer cans and a roll of tape, he set out to make a camera.

The cans had 5-inch x 7-inch pieces of photographic paper inserted into them, a pinhole made in the front, and any other holes sealed with tape. The kit, if you can call it that, is pictured below. Then Quinnell fastened the, um, cameras to fences to try and snap a picture of a building — and left them for six months.

Sure, some of the cameras didn't work. But one of the results, shown above, is amazing. Those big arcs of light you can see above the building are the sun's path during the six month period; the distorted shapes are a result of the can's curvature. The overall effect though? Amazing. You can read more about the project at The Phoblographer.

[The Phoblographer via Junkculture via PetaPixel]

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