This Pencil Puzzle Is Harder Than Any Test You Would Use It For

What if the pencil you were using to take an intelligence test was actually more challenging than any of the mind-bending questions? That's seemingly what inspired the Varacil mechanical pencil that arrives completely disassembled in 22 obscurely shaped parts. It's not just some assembly required, it's all up to you.

Snapping the individual pieces out of the plastic frames and assembling them into a working pencil takes just under an hour on average, but of course if you get it together faster you're free to boast about your above-average intelligence and advanced puzzle-solving prowess. And because it takes the DIY approach like IKEA, the Varacil is just $US10 since you're not subsidising assembly line workers building it for you. It seems like a bargain, except for the fact that it's probably the least stable writing implement you'll ever use.

[Excite Japan via RocketNews24]

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