This Orange Guitar Amp Is More Powerful Than Your Computer

This Orange amp, called the OPC, isn't like other guitar amps. Instead of being little more than a jumped-up loudspeaker, this thing packs more computational grunt than your main computer.

Actually, it's an update of Orange's first attempt to make a guitar-focused computer -- but boy is it updated. Tucked away within its iconic orange casing, you'll find your choice of third-gen Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and either NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 650 Ti or AMD's HD 7750. Audio is either taken care of by the ear-bleeding speaker of the amp or, for more nuanced listening, one of the slew of outputs on the back of the case. There are also, understandably, a full swathe of guitar, midi and mic inputs to play with.

It comes packaged with $US750 worth of audio processing software -- though Orange doesn't say exactly what -- which may go some way to making the $US1900 price tag more palatable. It's worth noting that that case allows for straightforward future component upgrades though, so the thing should see you through numerous years of recording. [Orange via Engadget]

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    Double my RAM and a more updated processor than my Phenom II x6. That's all it's got on me.

    So if I have a Pete Townsend moment and stick my guitar through my amp I will lose my PC as well?

    Maybe this is not the amp for me.....

    So it's a bottom end PC in a stylish orange case?

      There's nothing stylish about that case, looks like every other guitar amp I have ever seen, no application of industrial design at all, just a crappy box covered to draw attention.

    I'd be worried about the vibrations from the large speaker on the front destroying the internal components....

    hmmm - my desktop (built last year, updated the graphics card) is on par, my laptop has less graphics, but double the ram.

    Not sure what the point of the graphics in this is though: I mean, is it a PC that just has inbuilt audio and so can 'also' be an amp, or is it just an amp, and uses CUDA/etc to boost sound quality?

    Either way, I'd prefer to build my own PC and buy a good speaker...

      Why would your laptop need 32GB of RAM? That seems a bit excessive.

        SharePoint server dev/testing/support.

        Can run 3 vm's at 10g ram each simultaneously. Though I don't recommend doing that without an SSD. Kills your disk.

        Though its pretty funny when your laptop can run VM's better than a client can on their server.

        Last edited 25/01/13 10:07 am

          I don't think I'd ever want to use a laptop for heavy duty stuff like that personally, but then I kinda hate laptops. I guess there's no technical reason why not.

            Fair enough. Honestly, just waiting for good internet (both at home/wifi/phone, etc) all over the place in Oz, then a dockable tablet with display out becomes an awesomely portable thin client for all your needs.. ever

    Useless modern toy for useless modern tools. Spend the money on an old secondhand Vox or Fender valve amp and enjoy some real sound when you plug your guitar in via a 1/4" phono plug instead of a midi.

      It has a phono input.. what's a guitar amp that you can't plug 99.9% of instruments into?

    Man I would like to see how the speaker goes with all the electricity and wifi signals etc running behind it!

    What about the power of the amp?
    I hope it still has a hardware tone stack rather than having to have your pc running to do anything..

    Has nothing on this -

    I've been using an Axe-FX II for 6 months now, and it's utterly amazing. The versatility of having hundreds different amps, that actually sound like real amps instead of crappy simulations.

    Price tag is anything but small though - set me back close to $2900 AU. Justified by the fact I honestly feel like I'll never need to buy another amp again, and this is coming from someone with severe Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

    Last edited 25/01/13 2:15 pm

    I think I prefer my 'Orange' PC.

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