This Orange Guitar Amp Is More Powerful Than Your Computer

This Orange amp, called the OPC, isn't like other guitar amps. Instead of being little more than a jumped-up loudspeaker, this thing packs more computational grunt than your main computer.

Actually, it's an update of Orange's first attempt to make a guitar-focused computer — but boy is it updated. Tucked away within its iconic orange casing, you'll find your choice of third-gen Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and either NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 650 Ti or AMD's HD 7750. Audio is either taken care of by the ear-bleeding speaker of the amp or, for more nuanced listening, one of the slew of outputs on the back of the case. There are also, understandably, a full swathe of guitar, midi and mic inputs to play with.

It comes packaged with $US750 worth of audio processing software — though Orange doesn't say exactly what — which may go some way to making the $US1900 price tag more palatable. It's worth noting that that case allows for straightforward future component upgrades though, so the thing should see you through numerous years of recording. [Orange via Engadget]

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