This Medical Alert Bracelet Ensures Your Browser History Gets Deleted

The holidays are over, but gag gifts can be forever. This medical alert bracelet ensures that doctors know how to treat you if you were to suffer a medical emergency. No, you're not allergic to anything. No, you don't have an emergency contact.

You just need a professional to delete your browsing history. Let's face it, gag or no gag, we all need to wear this bracelet. [Reddit via BoingBoing]


    I'm all one for gag gifts, but ones like this can cause more harm than good.
    Instead of a paramedic using that 5-10 seconds looking at a real medical alert bracelet to find out what they shouldn't stick in you, they waste it looking at this.

      Good point no apologies. Better wearing a mediband coupled with medibandplus than having stuff like this that wastes a paramedics time.

      Meh. More likely they'd have a laugh and think "this one's got a sense of humour, let's save him!"

    Seems appropriate

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