This Is Why You Always Ask For A Window Seat

The song is called America the Beautiful for a reason and it's easy to see why from a mile up. Frequent-flying photographer Julieanne Kost captured these incredible images.

Check out the rest of the gallery at Julieanne Kost Photography, or in book form, Window Seat, The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking.

San Jose to Denver, 2003 — film scan of Nikon N90.

Denver to San Jose, 2003 — Nikon D100.

San Jose to Los Angeles, 2004 — Nikon D100.

Tokyo to San Francisco, 2001 (left) and Miami to New York, 2001 (right) — film scan of Nikon N90. [Julieanne Kost Photography via Faith Is Torment]

Picture: Julieanne Kost Photography



    If there's one thing above all else Australians couldn't give a shit about, it's 'America the Beautiful'

      despite it being full of Americans, there are some damn picturesque places there.

    Just replace it for Australia the beautiful and catch a day flight from Sydney to Alice springs...

    The ever changing scenery is awesome..
    In General...
    If you don't have an eye for natural beauty just stay indoors playing with/by yourself.. (I mean computer games or whatever you are into....)

    I'll still take an isle seat, i like to get up regularly on long haul flights.

    Bah, these pics are so over photoshopped

      Photoshop.....The savior of any photo you thought you got but didn't !
      Some day we will truly appreciate S.O.O.C.(Straight Out OF Camera) shooters for that one shot chance without photoshop, but the world so badly wants to be seen that good photoshop is seen as a must.

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