This Is What It Looks Like To Have A World-Class Memory

You probably juggle a phone number or two around in that skull of yours just out of necessity, but there are memorisation experts out there who would put you to shame. At this year's World Memory Championships, champion Johannes Mallow memorised a 2245-digit number and the order of 1144 playing cards each in just an hour.

He also memorised a string of 3954 binary digits in 30 minutes, and another competitor soaked up 269 random words in just 15 minutes.

Photographer David Vintiner was there to catch the feats in "action" and the result is a collection of shots that will make your brain hurt at the mere notion of memorising half as much useless, garbled data. You can check out more of Vintiner's shots of the event over at his website. [David Vintiner via Wired]

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