This Is The Worst Thing I Have Seen At CES 2013 So Far

Meet iPad Man. He has the face of Steve Jobs, a stupid number plate and no idea about technology. He's not big, nor clever, he's just the worst thing I have seen at CES so far.

I ran into iPad Man (created by a company called ArmorActive) outside Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Centre today. He's nothing special, just a guy covered in 9.7-inch tablets with a Steve Jobs picture over his face.

That'd be fine if he knew a damn thing about what he was doing. When someone asked him if he could see, he said "only into the future!" Wait, it gets worse:

"The iPhone 6 will has NCF (sic) and a biometric scanner!"

First of all, NCF isn't a thing, you mean NFC you douche. Second of all, get out.

Just go.

Idiotic iPad Man is the worst thing of CES so far, but booth babes are a close second. Let's grow up, shall we? I thought we came here to look at new tech, not pander to morons and be creepy towards women.

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