This Is The Most Badass PC Case

Need to protect your PC from earthquakes and catastrophic clumsiness? Not opposed to ridiculous design? In-Win's D-Frame PC case might be up your alley. This little monster is so ugly it wraps back around to awesome.

The case's pipe-y frame is made from aluminium and the plate that protects the components isn't plastic, but actual glass. It comes in two equally garish colours — orange and red — and the flashy, skeletal sucker is going to cost you a bit. A D-Frame will run you $US399, and they're only putting out 500 of them, so if you want one, you'll have to act fast. Or you can just opt for something a little less over-the-top. That'd probably be cheaper anyway.



    case? More like a pc frame / cage to me.

    it looks like someone put monkey bars and windows together and this came up lol

    I have always liked the look of the Skeleton by Antec, this is like an oversized version of that.

    It's so ugly it wraps around to hideous
    Badass is not a word I'd use to describe this in any way

    Only needs one can of air duster a day!

    Glass? They wanted to make it more durable and accident proof, and they went with glass?

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