This Is The Dream Home Office I Wish I Had

This Is The Dream Home Office I Wish I Had

Don’t you wish your office cubicle were like this? A nice wooden desk and a comfortable chair in a peaceful, fresh garden, just a few steps away from your kitchen and bedroom. I can imagine working there, sipping some lemonade on a perfect summer’s day, going to the big chair by the fountain to read something or have a cat nap from time to time.

This garden office belongs to freelance journalist Susie Wall, who also has “a gorgeous, calm office space indoors to work on her various assignments, but, living in Vancouver, she wanted to stretch her office outdoors.”

So she got her wish thanks to a Canadian program called Take It Outside and designer Kelly Deck. The fountain is a perfect touch, as I can’t think of anything more soothing than the sound of water in calm day (although I would pass on the buddha).

Here’s a shot of the before.