This Is A Smart Watch For Grown-Ups

So you think the Pebble smart watch looks a bit childish? That's ok. Here's a smart watch with a little more distinction for you to consider from Martian Watches.

The Martian Watch has more watch than most smart timepieces do these days. The screen is divided into two parts: the top two-thirds house a traditional analogue watch face with ticking hands and whathaveyou, while the bottom third is a small, rectangular screen that can be used to show you your text messages and your emails.

It works with both Android and iOS, but the best part by far is the fact that the Martian Watch supports voice, too. That means you'll be able to use it in the car to tell Siri what to do, for example, and you won't be booked.

There are three Martian watches available: both the Passport (pictured left) and the Victory (centre) are $US299, while the G2G is only $US249. The only way you'll get your hands on these bad boys, though, is to order online from the US.

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