This Interactive Map Lets You Spy On Insecure Webcam Feeds

A new web app mashes together insecure feeds from Trendnet home security cameras with Google Maps to let you spy on people all over the world. It's horrible, dreadful, disgusting — and utterly compelling.

There is no getting around the fact that you are taking a peek into some very, very personal environments here — and if you head to the site you'll feel equal parts sick and fascinated. Ultimately what makes this feel so intrusive is the fact that the video feeds are tied to accurate geographic locations. But in truth the site has been established to raise awareness of an ongoing vulnerability in Trendnet home security cameras.

The problem was first spotted early 2012, and was all over Reddit and 4chan this time last year. But, while Trendnet claims to have notified all owners of affected cameras, it clearly — for whatever reason — hasn't done a good enough job. The hope is that this site will raise awareness and get people to sort out the problem. Which is easy enough to do! There's a firmware update, linked to on the site, that people can use to fix the security hole. So, if you can find your own feed or that of a friend, you know what to do.

Otherwise, creeps all over the internet will be able to do what you just did, indefinitely: see sleeping babies, people's living rooms, all manner of bustling offices and — rather less exciting — industrial store rooms. Please make it stop. [Trendnet Cams via Network World via The Verge]



    wow that shit is live... Just out of curiousity I clicked one of the locations and saw a dark figure of a woman in a well lit room. Thats even creepier

    Wow, Would really suck to be that one person in Australia right now.

    Clicked on my second camera and got an office worker playing solitaire instead of working =/

    Do you have to have something installed to browse them? Chrome doesnt load any and IE just tries to download the CGI file.

      Jeez that makes me sound like such a creep!

        Nah some don't load, just keep trying others.

    What is making the webcams insecure?

    Google has disabled the API or some shit in Chrome.

    They've take the site down already saying it violates the T&C

    Well that didn't take long

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