Haier's Transparent Washing Machine Is Already The Best Vapourware Of 2013

At last year's CES, Haier showed off a transparent TV, which never took off for the obvious reason that nobody needs or wants a transparent TV. Today, a great leap forward: a neon, see-through washing machine. This is the future.

Haier admits the see-through washer is a "concept piece", which is more or less an admission of non-existence outside of CES — all we're told is "the transparent washer is currently not slated for availability in 2013". Maybe 2014. Maybe 2024. Maybe that's a good thing — I doubt we're ready to wash our clothes in an appliance that looks like a spacecraft warp core, and it's hard to imagine the lighting makes the thing very green. But it's nice to see something at the show that shows some joy, even if it's a dumb, LSD joy. I'll take this hoax of a washer over another Windows 8 tablet.


    I saw this at Harvey Norman in Bundall. Didn't check if they were for sale or if it was just a show piece.

      Back when I worked for Hardly Normal in Bundaberg, we had this tiny (desktop size) fully functional demonstration top-loading washer.

      It was the bees knees, everyone just had to see it.

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    never took off for the obvious reason that nobody needs or wants a transparent TV
    I saw a prison doco a while back and all the inmates tv's,radio's and other gadgets had to be in transparent plastic for safety reasons.

    Being from the age of clear pc cases and neon fans, I kinda like it. Definitely would have one!

    It would make trouble shooting & identifying where certain parts are, so much easier.. I like this.

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