This Gutter-Cleaning Robot Will Land In Australia Soon

Australia already has its hands on some great automated gadgetry from iRobot, including the Roomba robot vacuum. Your laziness is about to be indulged once again, however, as iRobot plans to bring the Looj gutter cleaner to Australia real soon.

The Looj is a rectangular robot complete with tank-style tracks for moving around and a great big rotating rubber head designed for clearing out your gutters.

All you do to use it is detach the remote, stick it in your gutter and press forwards and backwards to get it clean. Not only does it save you time, it might save your house if bushfire season comes around. Embers landing in leafy gutters is one of the major causes of house fires.

No word on a local price just yet, but it's $US169 in the States, so it shouldn't be too much more expensive when it hits our shores. You'll be able to buy it in April 2013.

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