This Gutter-Cleaning Robot Will Land In Australia Soon

Australia already has its hands on some great automated gadgetry from iRobot, including the Roomba robot vacuum. Your laziness is about to be indulged once again, however, as iRobot plans to bring the Looj gutter cleaner to Australia real soon.

The Looj is a rectangular robot complete with tank-style tracks for moving around and a great big rotating rubber head designed for clearing out your gutters.

All you do to use it is detach the remote, stick it in your gutter and press forwards and backwards to get it clean. Not only does it save you time, it might save your house if bushfire season comes around. Embers landing in leafy gutters is one of the major causes of house fires.

No word on a local price just yet, but it's $US169 in the States, so it shouldn't be too much more expensive when it hits our shores. You'll be able to buy it in April 2013.



    Don't know about everyone else, but my roof overhangs the gutter by about 60mm. Pretty sure the mechanism on this robot will not work with this overhang.

    Not too sure how it will work with the rest of the junk that is stuck to the bottom of the gutters either?


      If its an old hedge gable iron roof this would probably be the only way you could clean it. If it was finished properly there should be maintenance holes, or else go buy a hole saw and a square retrofit dentists that zips.

      Remembering my first house in the whoop whoops I would have loved this

      Then again, why were their smarties in amongst the leaves or was i seeing things?!

      Ouch! That makes it difficult and sometimes painful to clean ur gutters by hand also - I suggest you cut them back with a jigsaw or angle grinder equipped with 1mm thick blade.

    I spend a fair amount of time on roofs after/during storms as I'm an SES volunteer. I don't think I've seen a single house with gutters that would enable this thing to work. They've either got huge tile overhangs or gutter clips which dip down and leave about a 3-4cm gap. Shame though, so many of our callouts could be avoided if people regularly cleaned their gutters.

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      indeed, a lot of Australian houses have ceramic tile roofs or sheeting style roofs (like a tin roof), while it seems that many newer non-mansion style homes in the US have wooden tiles for roofing, so there is little overhang over the gutters.

      So yeah, this is an example of a product getting launched with no modifications for the average conditions of use that it would encounter.

    Firstly this is NOT a robot, it is a cordless drill with tracks, its about as robotic as your grandma...

    Just cause it s called a robot doesn't make it one....

    This thing has been on the market for a good few years, it was a cool toy when it canme out and it is still a cool toy....

    Second and third some of the above comments, the douchbags who put up roofs and gutters in Australia, rarely leave enough room to properly clean out the gutter even using a trowel and / or tongues, on a lot of roofs there are sections where the roofing material is so-close to the gutter base, that it is nigh on impossible to clean.... When I bought my current house I had to get up on the roof with tinsnips and trim the sheeting at every corner and along half of the long sides... So the gutter could be cleaned....

    This little toy ould deffinitely not handle many of these gutters, it also would not handle navigating around a corner, meaning that you still need a ladder to clean the gutters...

    Pet Gripes... re Gutters...
    It isn't so-hard to drop the gutter a ouple of inches (say 5 cm) to allow access to the contrivance...

    (Also, it isn't too hard to expect roofing and gutter professionals (obv.not reading this) to make sure the water drains to the downpipe...)

      May be you should try to clean the gutter with something other than your tongue :-p

      Otherwise, completely agree with your comments.

        Reread, I really don't know why I put in tongue.... doesn't make a bit of sense.

        Maybe douchbag was a bit harsh (bordering on gutter-talk). sorry to those Roofing and gutter professionals I have insulted... Come and fix my gutters any time you feel the need for exercise.

        I'm sure many of you do a fine job pity the hardware installed doesn't meet standard often.

          You probably meant to write 'tongs' as in barbecue. I know I find them useful for cleaning gutters.

            of course Thanks....

            Makes a lick of difference.

    I reckon it would fit in the gutter that catches our tank water. That alone is pretty good.

    The rest however I struggle to put my hand in without slicing the crap out of it (I've lost a fair bit of blood to my roof in the past.)

    [Edit] I'm fairly sure we're just going to put a wire mesh over them in the future. Dirt in tank water is fine. Leves clogging it up is annoying. And bush fires aren't much if a concern. I had sweet, sweet 20s all through that week of 40s most of vic/country had.

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    A quick thanks from Rain Gutter Seattle for this news.Turning over household chores to a robot seems like a futuristic concept, but it's actually possible today. By "hiring" a robot to do things like sweep your floors, or clean your pool, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy that you can put toward things you actually enjoy, while your chores still get done.

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