This DNA Gun Will Tag Felons For Weeks

This startlingly orange gun isn't something from a sci-fi film set. Instead, it's a new firearm by UK-based Selectamark that fires non-lethal pellets and marks its targets with DNA for later identification.

Designed for use by police and military, the gun fires soft little green pellets, pictured below. Weighing just a gram, when they hit a target, they leave an enduring biological mark. Andrew Knights, from Selectamark, explains:

"On contact with the target the uniquely-coded SelectaDNA solution leaves a synthetic DNA trace mark that will enable the relevant authorities to confirm or eliminate that person from their involvement in a particular situation and could ultimately lead to arrest and prosecution."

Accurate over distances up to 40 metres, the gun allows police to tag villains with DNA, which should in theory "remain on an offender for weeks". As non-lethal yet incriminating techniques go, this sure seems one of the most futuristic.

[PR Newswire via Ubergizmo via The Verge]



    Where's the blue pill?

    I've got that gun on my PS3!!! he's playing time crisis.

    Ties in nicely with this one from MacDonalds, crim's can run but soon they won't be able to hide

    Errr.. So they aim for clothing, or bare body parts? I read the link and there is nothing on how this stuff can stay there over a couple of weeks. If you got hit I would presume you'd know it, and presumably scrub it off or bleach the area or something!

    There's a very similar security system here in Australia, been out for ages.

    Person holds up a shop, the attendant presses a silent alarm and when the robber leaves the store he trips a sensor that sprays him in this DNA stuff. But these systems are usually installed above a door, so there's always a good chance of getting hit on the skin which is where it sticks. I don't think it soaks through clothes and onto the skin, though.

    Of course this will only be used on bad guys right??????

    too bad if your at an anti government rally and get sprayed

    umm...this is just a modified Tippmann TiPX...definately not a firearm.

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