This Computer Is Cooled By A Wind Tunnel

This Computer Is Cooled By A Wind Tunnel

We’ve seen plenty of extreme cooling systems in the past, but Mike Schropp has taken things to the limit: he’s built a computer that’s cooled by a wind tunnel.

This assembly of medium-density fibreboard, lexan and aluminium — combined with a box fan — is capable of generating gusts of up to 50km/h which charge through the computer at the centre of the build. That’s enough to keep an Ivy Bridge 3770K processor, overclocked to run at 4.5GHz, at rather low 65C, and a Radeon 7970 graphics card running its GPUs at 1225MHz with core temperatures at 46C and 56C.

The project may have been undertaken for fun, but at least it’s now being put to good use: it’s crunching through cancer research data as part of the World Community Grid project. You can read a full account how the cooling system was built over at Total Geekdom.

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Picture: Total Geekdom